Scrubber Dryers

Your floors require thorough regular hygienic cleaning of public areas where there is a high traffic volume. The most cost effective and safest solution to cleaning these areas is the use of floor scrubber machine that will clean and dry in one pass. Get commercial and industrial floor cleaning machines in various sizes and types so you get the desired cleaning you are seeking for.

Pick from walk behind, ride on scrubber dryers and more. Irrespective of the size, these are suitable for all industrial and commercial cleaning purposes. Clenli Direct scrubber dryers Ireland offer hassle-free and professional cleaning with little or no effort. Pick your need!

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  1. Comac Innova Comfort 85B

  2. Comac C85 Non Stop Cleaning (NSC)

  3. Ultra Range

  4. Comac Vispa XS

  5. Rating:

    i-Mop XXL

  6. Antea 50 BTO Orbital

  7. Comac C130 BS

  8. i-Mop XL

  9. Comac Versa Range

  10. Comac Optima Range

  11. C130 D

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Pioneer Eclipse