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Aqueous Ozone naturally occurs in our environment when ozone becomes infused into raindrops.By nature, it is an unstable molecule that instantly splits and reverts to water and oxygen.

Aqueous Ozone is proven to be nature’s most powerful cleaner with unmatched sanitising capabilities. This safe and sustainable solution has been used to treat and purify our drinking water and to wash fresh foods for decades.

Science has been able to reproduce Aqueous Ozone since we learned to control the electrical current. However, we had not been able to extend its life-cycle and harvest its cleaning capabilities until the creation of the Tersano unit.



Tersano is a sustainable cleaning solution that has completely disrupted the marketplace for traditional cleaning chemicals. This environmentally-friendly alternative is proven to work in several industries. Check out our case studies for more info:

  • Education
  • Transport
  • Hospitality
  • Office
  • Commercial
Health & Safety


Tersano holds surprising safety benefits; it is chemical, carcinogen and allergy free solution, which promotes a happy, healthy and safe work environment.

Tersano requires no mixing or pouring and it scores 0-0-0-A on safety data sheets.

Tersano is not just another sustainable cleaning solution. This unique system improves health, safety and well-being, while significantly reducing risk and training requirements.


Reduce your environmental impact today with a simple switch. Choose Tersano - A positive change for people and our plant.

  • Save Tree
  • Reduce Cardboard
  • Omit Single Use Plastic
  • Omit Chemical Waste
  • Save sea life
  • Reduce Transport
Total Ownership


Tersano has invented a cost-effective SAO dispenser. The compact unit can be fitted to any wall in close proximity to running water and will produce SAO on demand.

SAO produced by the Tersano unit has a life-span of up to 24 hours as a sanitiser and up to 6 days as a cleaner.

It then reverts to water and oxygen, leaving no harmful residues or vapours that impact on people or the environment.


Most businesses do not consider the cost of cleaning chemicals in isolation.
If you did, you would find that Tersano is a more cost-effective cleaning solution.

Switching to sustainable cleaning with Tersano is guarantees you a cost-saving benefit, compared to the cost of traditional cleaning chemicals.

The cost of ownership for a Tersano unit is absorbed during use, sometimes in just a matter of months!

Cost Effective



Tersano Lotus Pro Tersano iclean mini
Tersano Lotus Pro Tersano iClean Mini
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