Cleaning Machine Hire Ireland

Hire a range of cleaning equipment from floor scrubbers to carpet cleaners
Don't want to buy?
Why not Hire?

Hire What You Need, When you Need it

At Clenli Direct, we understand that buying isn't always an option. That is why we offer a hiring option! Only pay when you need to use!

Cleaning Machine Hire Ireland

Robotic Machine Hire

At Clenli Direct, we pride ourselves on our ability to find innovative solutions to any cleaning problem. We have a wide range of robotic machinery designed to automate cleaning, lower time, and lower costs. Available now for hire!

Robotic Machine Hire Ireland

Collect, Or We Can Deliver

Choose what is convenient to you. Through our strategic location near Blanchardstown, our partnerships with UPS and DSV, and our own large fleet of in-house vehicles, we have a perfect system in place for collection or delivery.

Commercial Cleaning Machine Hire
our cleaning machine hire range

A Machine For Every Job


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