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About Egholm

Egholm is the epitome of innovation in outdoor maintenance and landscaping solutions. Hailing from Denmark, Egholm specializes in crafting multifunctional utility machines that redefine efficiency and versatility. Elevate your outdoor experience with Egholm, where functionality meets a revolution in ease and performance.










What Sets Egholm Apart?

More than just sweepers, Egholm presents a comprehensive array of utility machines that redefine outdoor maintenance. Egholm's machines are true multitaskers, seamlessly transitioning from sweepers to lawn mowers, hedge cutters, and beyond. Renowned for innovation, Egholm doesn't just stop there; each machine is meticulously crafted with a commitment to excellence, utilizing only the finest quality components. From functionality to design, Egholm raises the bar, ensuring a top-tier performance that stands out in the realm of outdoor equipment.









Quick Attachment Change

Beyond being a mere utility machine, the Egholm range stands out with its revolutionary quick-switch attachment feature. Experience the convenience of effortlessly changing attachments on the Park Ranger 2150 in under four minutes, and on the City Ranger 2260 & 3070 in less than one minute! And the best part? All of this can be accomplished seamlessly, without the need for any tools!






Most Popular Egholm Attachments

With a full range of attachments to choose from, hand pick the selection that works best for you. 



Complete suction sweeper system, giving you an efficient sweeper machine.

Rotary/Mulch Mower

The rotary and mulch mower is made to maintain the good looks of narrow grass paths.

Hedge Cutter

Avoid slow work in unhealthy working postures with the hedge cutter attachment.


Lawn Edger

The hydraulic lawn edger effectively maintains lawn edges, whatever their shape.

Tipping Shovel

The tipping shovel makes light work of transporting gravel, sand or mould and saves the operator many lifts during the working day.

Weed Brush

The weed brush is the perfect, most-effective eco-friendly tool for keeping outdoor areas weed-free.


Tipper Trailer

The tipper trailer is designed to make light work of transporting bulk loads such as park and garden refuse.

Scrub Deck

Scrubdeck for thorough cleaning of roads, sidewalks and other surfaces.

Salt & Sand Spreader

Winter weather and ice on the ground mean salt and sand, and the salt and sand spreader is perfect for the job.





Egholm Range



Egholm Park Ranger 2150

Diesel Powered


Egholm City Ranger 2260

Petrol Powered


Egholm City Ranger 3070

Diesel Powered



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