Clean, buff and polish a variety of floor surfaces within your company with the help of Clenli Direct’s range of buffing machine for sale. These versatile and effective machines are perfect for cleaning every surface; from hardwood to marble floors they get the job done. Choose buffing machine for tile floors at the most affordable cost.

No matter what industry you’re in, floor buffing machine hire can help maintain hygiene standards in a time efficient and cost effective way. We understand that commercial cleaning can often be a time consuming and costly endeavour which is why our floor cleaning buffing machine is so invaluable.


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  1. Comac C85 Non Stop Cleaning (NSC)

    With the C85 floor scrubbing machine, Comac has developed a technological solution that...

  2. i-vac 4B move

    Don’t let your vacuum cleaner cord restrict you. Carry the lightweight and cordless i-va...
  3. Dulevo 74

    The new Dulevo sweeper is a compact-sized machine containing all the technology of larger ...
  4. i-Gum

    Gum is a very sticky problem! It is covers our pavements and is very difficult to get rid ...
  5. Klindex MiniPower

    Minipower is an innovative little machine with a big performance!
  6. Klindex Unika

    UNIKA is the single disc rotary floor care machine
  7. Klindex Kroma

    Kroma is a special floor machine,
  8. Klindex HERCULES

    Hercules is the floor machines ideal for any kind of floor...
    HERCULES 450
  9. Klindex UFO

    UFO is a manual planetary polisher for grinding and polishing counter-tops, stairs, edges ...
  10. Klindex Levighetor 640

    Klindex Levighetor 640 is the most famous grinding-polishing machine in the world.
  11. Klindex Rafter T

    Special machines for grinding and cleaning industrial formworks
  12. Klindex Expander 750

    The best of the best floor machine for brush-hammering, grinding, honing and polishing of ...
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