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The Comac Antea Range is high performance, easy to use, walk-behind scrubbing & drying machine. Perfect for fast and effective professional cleaning of floors in offices, hospitals, retail environments, public buildings, restaurants, hotels, sports centers, supermarkets as well as production facilities.

The Comac Antea range was uniquely designed to be robust, resistant & reliable. Combined with these characteristics, Antea has improved productivity & dramatically lowers the cost of cleaning operations Due to its design features, Antea is suitable for maintaining floors & heavy duty cleaning of floors up to 2200 sq.m


The Comac Antea Body Types


  • The scrubbing version which the 50 E / B / BT models are available
  • The 50 BTS sweeping version with two cylindrical brushes
  • The 50 BTO orbital version with pad

Comac Antea Control Panels

The Antea was designed to be extremely user-friendly.

Its intuitive driving and simple controls allow anyone to operate. No need for intense training or certified personnel.

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Robust Design

Frame and squeegee attachment in die-cast aluminum to guarantee sturdiness and reliability over time and to reduce machine service calls

Rapid water filling

Easily fill the tank with clean water quickly

Easy Maintenance

Components are easlisy accessable & mainenance parts are highlighet in yellow

Emergency Stop Button

An easily accessable emergency stop button incase the operator needs to stop suddenly.

Lift the Squeegee with ease

Simply lift the handle up when you need to lift the squeegee.

On-Board Smart Charger

To charge the Antea simply plug it in to a power outlet. The smart charger knows when to power off to prolong the battery life cycles

Extended 3 Year Warranty

On-Board Smart Charger to prolong battery life cycles

Premium No Maintenance Gel Batteries

Antea 50 BTO Orbital

Antea 50 BTO Orbital

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Comac Antea  50 BT (with Traction)

Comac Antea 50 BT (with Traction)

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Comac Antea 50 BTS

Comac Antea 50 BTS

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Comac Antea 50 B

Comac Antea 50 B

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Comac Antea Range-50 E

Comac Antea Range-50 E

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