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What is the i-Mop?

The i-mop is a ground-breaking floor scrubber dryer, transforming the way we approach cleaning tasks.


Compared to traditional cleaning methods, the i-mop is designed to be faster, cleaner, safer and greener than any other scrubber dryer on the market! Its exceptional flexibility allows it to effortlessly reach edges and navigate under obstacles, eliminating the need for manual interventions typically required with standard machine scrubbing.


Reduce the stress of cleaning floors with the i-mop!







Save Time, Water & Effort

The i-Mop represents an opportunity for you to dramatically improve your cleaning and maintenance operations while also saving you time, water, and effort. The i-mop uses only a fraction of the water that other cleaning methods need, saving up to 94% of water compared to outdated mop and bucket techniques!


Immerse yourself in the ease and agility of the i-mop—a lightweight and flexible solution that effortlessly outshines labor intensive traditional cleaning methods. Say goodbye to time consuming routines, as the i-mop streamlines the cleaning process, presenting a quick and user-friendly alternative that can save you an impressive 82% of time compared to conventional mopping practices!







Cleaner Floors

Not just a pretty design, the i-mop is a powerful cleaner.


ATP testing has proven that the surfaces cleaned with the i-mop are an impressive 90% cleaner than those treated with conventional mopping methods. With twin counter-rotating brushes engage in a deep scrub, the i-mop ensures that your surfaces are cleaner than ever before!






Improved Safety

Wet mopping with dirty water and slippery floors are a thing of the past – the i-mop heralds a new standard.


Harnessing state-of-the-art suction technology, this innovation effortlessly extracts virtually every trace of cleaning solution and liquid on the floor, ensuring that surfaces are left dry and safe to walk on almost instantly. Embrace the convenience of the i-mop, a battery-powered, all-in-one solution that eliminates tripping hazards like buckets and wires, revolutionizing the way you approach cleaning with unparalleled efficiency and safety!







Doing Your Part for the Environment

The i-Mop range is designed to not only be a powerful cleaner, but to also be as environmentally friendly as possible.


Combining robust mechanical action and cutting-edge solution recovery, the i-mop achieves an unparalleled level of thorough cleaning, all while using only a fraction of the water and chemicals compared to conventional cleaning techniques. This ground-breaking innovation not only ensures superior cleanliness but also slashes environmental impact by an impressive 75%, exemplifying a commitment to sustainable and efficient cleaning practices.





Investing in a Better World

The i-mop has helped countless businesses in Ireland to keep their facilities cleaner and safer, while also saving them time on their cleaning, and reducing the water they use for cleaning every single day.


But the i-mop is not just the ideal floor cleaning solution, it is also helping to develop water projects in countries with severe water scarcity through their partnership with Made Blue.


Founded in 2014, Made Blue is an entrepreneurial charity dedicated to providing safe drinking water to developing nations. Their impactful mission has resulted in over 10 billion litres of clean water generated for developing countries, thanks to the support of 400+ companies.


Thanks to the partnership between i-team and Made Blue, i-team donates one litre of clean drinking water for every litre used by their i-mops!







The Best is Getting Better

Not resting on their laurels, the i-mop is constantly improving.


Constantly chasing perfection, i-team tirelessly work to make the i-mop an even better cleaning solution. With new features providing everything from anti-corrosive coating to phone holders, no matter what your cleaning needs are, the i-mop has the solution!

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Solutions for All Floor Types

No matter if you need pads or brushes, or need to clean floors with timber, rubber, tiles, there is a solution available with the i-mop!




The i-Mop Range

With three different size options, and tonnes of features available, there is an i-mop for everyone!

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i-Mop Lite

370 mm


i-Mop XL

460 mm


i-Mop XXL

620 mm


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