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Twitter Dublin is one of the most environmentally-friendly, office buildings in the world. Their building was awarded platinum certification in 2017 for LEED, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The award was presented in recognition of the building's "green" features, which include: motion-sensor lights and green-roofs that help recycle rainwater. Twitter Dublin is one of a hand-full of buildings to make the grade.

This year, Twitter Dublin decided to take its building’s sustainability to the next level.


In line with World Earth Day 2019, Twitter Dublin began seeking new ways to make their building even more environmentally-friendly.

Sinead Kenny, Title, led the initiative to find a chemical-free cleaning solution.


Twitter Dublin is the company's second-largest office space. It serves as their Europe, Middle East, and African headquarters. Twitter is a people-focused company, home to 200 local staff across four floors.

Twitter is a busy and vibrant office that takes pride in being a happy and healthy work environment. All newly proposed cleaning solutions had to work in line with this ethos.

The chosen solution had to be sustainable and had to drive cleaning standards. It had to have a positive impact on the people and the building's well-being.


Clenli Direct first became aware that Twitter Dublin's environmental initiative in March 2019. We quickly reached out to Sinead about an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals.

At Clenli Direct, we understand that the work environment can impact on a person’s health, wellbeing and productivity. With this focus, we proposed that Twitter Dublin make the switch to a new, sustainable cleaning solution named Tersano.

Tersano is a chemical-free sanitizer and cleaner which means it is good for people and the planet. Tersano helps provide a happy, healthy and safe office environment. It is free from carcinogens and allergies and it leaves no residue, making it the perfect fit for Twitter Dublin's busy offices.


On the 2nd of April 2019, Twitter Dublin made the switch to Tersano and the cleaning results are excellent.

The office areas feel lighter and brighter, surfaces and screens are streak and residue-free, windows and mirrors are gleaming.

By switching to Tersano, Twitter Dublin has significantly increased its sustainability. Twitter Dublin is no longer creating chemical waste through the use of traditional cleaning methods. It has also eliminated the associated cardboard, single-use plastics and emissions.

Tersano at Twitter has delivered beyond any expectation. It is now scheduled to be implemented at both the London and Paris offices.


“We are delighted to have made the switch to Tersano. It obviously has a huge benefit for the environment but also for the people that work in our Dublin offices. We can really see how Tersano is increasing the cleaning standards at our offices as well as the wellbeing of our people”. Sinead Kenny, Title Needed.

Office Case Study
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