Meet the i-cart: an all-in-one cleaning island

Changing the way you think about cleaning!

Our goal is to simplify the total cleaning process to increase your level of joy while you clean. With this philosophy, we asked cleaners all over the world what they deemed as insufficient. Well, running back and forth to the one cleaning cabinet on the 1st floor when you are cleaning a 40 story building for a couple of small supplies was the one response we chuckled at. That’s why we created the i-cart, i-cartXL & i-cartXXL series. An all-in-one solution, which makes sure you don’t have to run back towards your cabinet for supplies, and have everything you need in one accessible and convenient cart.

Easy Drawer Access

Open up your drawers, just like you slide out your kitchen drawers for easy content access to all of your supplies. There is also a key lock available to protect your valuable gear.

icart drawer
icart for sale

Built In Ramp

Easy drive on system for i-mop and protection of i-mop during transport.

On Board Charger

Lets the i-mop run 24/7 with two sets of batteries, one set runs and one set charges. You can even plug in your mobile device, so that you are never out of power when on the job.

I-cart on board charger
icart storage space

Storage Space

Capacity for 4 buckets with pre-treated microfibre and cloth for completion of your daily work. It carries 2 spare fresh water tanks & 2 spare recovery tanks for simply more capacity, reduction of travel time or making different cleaning solution available at a fingertip

Lock & Protection Ram

The built-on click lock for i-mop makes sure that the i-mop will stay in safe position during transport. It even has a protection ram, so that it cannot receive damage during transport.

icart built-on click lock

See what the i-cart can do for your business!

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