Clean small areas quickly: These scrubber driers ensure sparkling cleanliness between customer visits. More economical than wet wiping. The walk behind scrubber dryer is carefully designed to improve productivity and drive down your total cleaning cost. The effective use of water and detergent combined with an easy to use design makes the Clenli Direct walk behind scrubber dryer the reliable choice.

Choose from a comprehensive line of walk behind floor scrubber-dryer, including cord-electric and battery walk-behind micro scrubber-dryers and large area walk-behind scrubber-dryers. Find the right commercial floor scrubber dryer from Clenli Direct for your environment and go on a cleaning spree.

Walk Behind

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  1. Antea 50 BTO Orbital

    The Antea is a high performing walk behind scrubbing machine, battery powered, offerin...

  2. I-Mop XL

    The I-Mop XL represents an opportunity for you to dramatically improve your cleaning and m...
  3. I-Mop XXL

    The i-mop is lightweight, easy to move and will cover much more floor area than traditiona...
  4. Omnia Range

    Suitable for maintenance and deep cleaning of large areas where the utmost discretion i...

  5. Versa Range

    Versa is a battery powered walk-behind scrubbing machine with automatic traction, avail...

  6. Vispa 35B

    The Vispa 35 is perfect to replace manual cleaning systems in small and congested areas...

  7. Vispa XS

    Vispa XS is the revolutionary scrubbing machine suitable for cleaning very easily small...

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