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The Radisson Blu Sligo is a member of the Radisson Hotel Group, one of the world's largest and most dynamic hotel groups in the hospitality sector.

The Sligo based hotel is nearby to some of Ireland's most popular tourist destinations on the west coast. The hotel has 132 rooms and employs 750 people.

The Radisson Blu Sligo is committed to sustainable development. Its sustainable actions aim to preserve natural resources and enhance the customer experience.

In 2001, the hotel implemented a Responsible Business Plan. The plan has many aims, one of which is increasing sustainability. The hotel has since won two Green Hospitality Awards.


To further the sustainable business practices at the Radisson Blue Sligo; the management team sought new solutions to make their building more environmentally-friendly.

Name, Title Needed, led the initiative to find a more sustainable cleaning solution.


The Radisson Blu Sligo is a people-based business. On any given day the hotel brings together over 500 employees and guests.

The Radisson Blu Sligo is a busy yet tranquil environment for its guests. All newly proposed cleaning solutions had to work in the unique hotel environment. Proposed solutions had to be sustainable and had to uphold current cleaning standards. It was important that the new solution added to the building’s and guest’s sense of well-being.


Clenli Direct understands the challenges of the hotel environment. We know that achieving and maintaining high levels of cleanliness 24 / 7 is a tough job. This applies to Radisson Blue Sligo in particular; a hotel that hosts thousands of guests each year, all with individual needs.

Focusing on the unique hotel environment, Clenli Direct proposed that Radisson Blu Sligo make the switch to a sustainable cleaning solution named Tersano.

Tersano is a chemical-free, food-grade sanitiser and powerful cleaner. It benefits both people and the planet.

Tersano helps provide a clean, healthy and safe hotel environment. It is free from carcinogens and allergens and it leaves no residue. Essential features that have a positive impact on the customer.

Tersano also has a positive impact on the planet. Using Tersano omits the use of several cleaning chemicals while eliminating the associated single-use plastics and cardboard.


On the 3rd of December 2018, Radisson Blu Sligo made the switch to Tersano and the cleaning results are excellent. Both the team and guests agree that the hotel feels brighter and airier.

Tersano has proved to be the perfect match for the Radisson’s sustainable business commitments. It has significantly reduced chemical waste, cardboard and single-use plastics associated with traditional systems.

The Radisson Blu Sligo is thrilled with the results


Radisson Sligo is delighted to be leading the way for sustainability in the Hospitality Sector. As a chemical – free cleaning solution Tersano brings many benefits.

It is a perfect fit for our Responsible Business Plan aimed at improving sustainability. It also helps us to create a clean, healthy and safe space for our guests. Name, Title Needed.

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