Transport Case Study


Cork Airport is an international gateway to the South of Ireland. It is a busy and vibrant airport with connectivity to over 50 routes, across the UK and Europe.

Cork Airport is a people-driven business. Its convenient location is nearby to some of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations, which undoubtedly contribute to its ever-expanding customer base. Last year, Cork Airport was responsible for the safe transport of over 2.5 million passengers.

In 2019, Cork Airport committed to implementing environmental standards across its business. This commitment was extended to all third parties that operate within the airport.


To meet the demands of sustainable development and to safeguard the natural environment, Cork Airport has embarked on an extensive Environment Programme. The program aims to improve environmental practices and prevent pollution across the business. It is led by Niall Mac Carthy, MD Cork Airport.

Noonan is a leading provider of facility services and solutions. They work in partnership with Cork Airport to drive cleaning and hygiene standards. In keeping with Cork Airport’s Environment Programme, Noonan sought to deliver a more sustainable approach to cleaning.


Cork is home to Ireland’s second-biggest airport. It is well-known for its high levels of customer service, and flight punctuality. Cork Airport is a people-centric business that emphasizes hygiene and customer experience.

The airport has a very busy terminal building, which is used by thousands of passengers each day.

Naturally, the transport sector has a large footfall, which increases at peak travel times. Cork Airport recognizes that its cleaning partner Noonan has a tough task in maintaining cleaning standards throughout the day. It also recognizes that implementing a green cleaning solution that delivers high cleaning standards in a busy environment is a tough challenge.


Cork Airport’s Environment Programme was introduced to Noonan in early 2019. The Noonan management team wasted no time in proposing a new and sustainable cleaning solution.

Noonan has a team of experienced professionals, who are at the forefront of industry advancements and who regularly attend cleaning innovation days. The Noonan team takes a pro-active approach to sustainable cleaning. Keeping in mind the objective, the current challenges, and the unique airport environment, Noonan proposed a new, sustainable cleaning solution named Tersano.

Tersano is a chemical-free sanitizer and cleaner that promotes a healthy and safe environment. Tersano is free from both carcinogens and allergens, which makes it the perfect cleaning solution for any business with a large footfall. Moreover, it leaves no residue, which means no surface streaks and no chemical transfer.


On the 1st of May 2019, Cork Airport gave the green light to turn on "Project Tersano", and the results have been fantastic. All chemical residue and streaky films are gone. There is just a sense of cleanliness, waiting areas are brighter and eating areas are cleaner.

Switching to Tersano has significantly improved the airport’s environmental practices. It eliminates cardboard, single-use plastics, chemical waste and emissions associated with traditional cleaning solutions. This simple move is saving sea-life and trees while creating a better environment for Cork Airport employees and passengers alike.


“Cork Airport is delighted to be leading the way for sustainability in the Transport Sector. Switching to chemical-free cleaning fits perfectly in line with our Environment Programme aimed at improving sustainability and preventing pollution across the business. It also has the added benefit of being allergy and carcinogen-free which is important to us as a people-driven business”. Niall Mac Carthy, MD Cork Airport.


Cork Airport is a Noonan Proudly Bidvest Client. All recommendations were made by Noonan directly to Cork Airport. Clenli Direct is the exclusive supplier of Tersano in Ireland. We work in partnership with Noonan Proudly Bidvest to deliver new and sustainable cleaning solutions.

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