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The Central Bank of Ireland is responsible for the management of currency, money supply, and interest rates. It operates to ensure that the financial system works in the best interest of the consumer and the wider economy. The Central Bank's primary aim is to maintain price stability.

Established in 1943, The Central Bank plays an important role in Irish society. Its work impacts on the environment and the communities in which it operates. The Central Bank takes a pro-active approach to sustainable business and driving positive change.

From 1979 – 2017, The Central bank was located on Dame Street. It has since moved to a newly constructed building on North Wall Quay. The relocation was initiated to accommodate increasing staff-levels. It also brought the opportunity to address environmental challenges.


The Central Bank works closely with its people and suppliers to ensure it meets workplace and environment objectives. As a people-focused company, it is committed to providing the highest standards of health, safety, and welfare in the organization.

In line with its recent move The Central Bank sought new ideas to enhance the building’s well-being and Sustainability Agenda.

Aramark is a leading provider of facility services and solutions. Aramark works in partnership with The Central Bank to drive cleaning efficiency and hygiene standards. In keeping with the Central Bank’s Sustainability Agenda; Aramark sought to deliver a more sustainable approach to cleaning.


The Central Bank recently moved to an eight-floor building on North Wall Quay. More than 1,400 people work at the new premises. It is a busy and lively space.

Delivering an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable cleaning service in such a busy environment is a tough challenge. As is maintaining cleaning standards throughout the day.


Aramark takes a pro-active approach to the delivery of sustainable cleaning services. The team embraced the opportunity to deliver such services to the Central Bank at its new premises.

To meet The Central Bank's requirements, Aramark analyzed several options. After much consideration, a cleaning solution named Tersano was put forward.

Tersano is a food-grade sanitizer and powerful cleaner that offers many benefits. Tersano is chemical, a carcinogen, and allergy-free, which promotes a happy, healthy and safe work environment.

Tersano is also the most sustainable cleaning solution available. It omits items of concern such as chemical waste and single-use plastic from the cleaning operation.

Tersano was chosen as the proposed solution by Aramark because it has a positive impact on people and the planet.


On the 15th of December 2018, The Central Bank elected Tersano as its cleaning solution for its new North Wall Quay premises. The decision was made in line with the building’s Sustainability Agenda.

With the help of Tersano, Aramark cleans 8 floors of office space and several common areas. It is a tough challenge but the cleaning standards are always very high.

The Central Bank and its people agree that Tersano delivers excellent cleaning results, efficiently and sustainably.


“When you initially think of cleaning a building with water, you are excited to see the results but also a little anxious. Tersano has proven that there is nothing to fear. The cleaning results are excellent.

It was very important to us that our new premises addressed previous environmental challenges. Tersano has certainly delivered on this front.” Name, Title Needed


The Central Bank is an Aramark Client. All recommendations were made by Aramark directly to The Central Bank. Clenli Direct is the exclusive supplier of Tersano in Ireland. We work in partnership with Aramark to deliver new and sustainable cleaning solutions.

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