Rotaries (Buffers)

Clean, buff and polish a variety of floor surfaces within your company with the help of Clenli Direct’s range of buffing machine for sale. These versatile and effective machines are perfect for cleaning every surface; from hardwood to marble floors they get the job done. Choose buffing machine for tile floors at the most affordable cost.

No matter what industry you’re in, floor buffing machine hire can help maintain hygiene standards in a time efficient and cost effective way. We understand that commercial cleaning can often be a time consuming and costly endeavour which is why our floor cleaning buffing machine is so invaluable.

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  1. i-scrub 30EM Pro B (Cord or cordless)

  2. i-scrub 21B

  3. Truvox Orbis UHS Cordless Burnisher

  4. Victor Lynx Burnisher

  5. Victor Sprite 450

  6. Victor FSX450 Cordless Burnisher

  7. Victor Contractor Multispeed Buffer

  8. Cimex CR48

  9. Motorscrubber M3

  10. Motorscrubber Jet 3

  11. Truvox Orbis Duo

  12. Truvox UHS 1500

  13. Victor Contractor Range Buffer

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14 Items

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