Streamflo 25ltr Trolley Package Window Cleaning

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The STREAMFLO® -25 Trolley System, mobile water delivery providing pure water on demand. Simply fill the container with tap water and it’s ready to work, producing 0 ppm pure water on demand.
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Streamflo 25ltr Trolley Package Window Cleaning

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The battery provides a full day’s use (12 hours) and takes 5 hours to fully re-charge. The max flow of the system is 1700gpd (4.5ltrs per minute) with the pump working at 100psi. The system has a digital flow controller to adjust the speed or the pump, allowing the operator to save water.


The STREAMFLO® -25 Trolley System is recommended as a starter package, in soft water areas up to 150ppm. It includes all the tools you need to begin waterfed pole cleaning. Take the water to the window with the STREAMFLO® trolley.

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-12 hour battery life 

-25 ltr trolley


  • Streamflo® 25-ltr Trolley with 6×18 DI filter, digital controller, lithium battery and charger with 13A UK (BS1363 Type G) plug (SF-TR25L-072)
  • Streamline® 12mm Black Hose Kit 10m complete with SHA-H12 and NHC-T (S12BK-KIT010-2145)
  • H M Digital Handheld TDS/Temperature Meter With Carrying Case (TDS1)
  • 10 inch (250mm) Streamline® Hi-Lo Brush – Blue Medium Bristle (V-SBH25-M)
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