Best Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland


Best Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland


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Why Invest in Robotic Cleaning?

In today's fast-paced business world, staying ahead means keeping up with the times. Upgrade your business with state-of-the-art robotic cleaning solutions, ensuring top-notch cleanliness that impresses your customers. Save a significant amount of money by using resources more efficiently. Get real-time information about your cleaning operations, helping you make better decisions. Let automated cleaning take care of the mundane tasks, so you can focus on more important things. Investing in robotic cleaning solutions is a step towards sustainability. Show that your business cares about the environment. Stand out in your industry as a leader who's embracing the latest in cleaning technology. Take your business to the next level with advanced robotic cleaning solutions, shaping the future of efficient cleanliness.










About LionsBot

Founded in Singapore in 2018, LionsBot are industry leaders in autonomous cleaning robots. What started as a dream soon turned to reality, with LionsBot having provided hundreds of their award winning cleaning robots across 30 countries and counting!









Aware of the potential impact that their robots could have on the environment, LionsBot are committed to reducing this both through designing their robots to be as sustainability as possible, and through charitable partnerships with environmental organisations like EverTreen, and humanitarian organisations such as Charity:Water!

Magic Tags

Enjoy zero click cleaning with Magic Tags. Anyone can start cleaning by just pushing the R3 Vac to the Magic Tag. From here, the robot will scan the Magic Tag, pick up all the information about the environment around it, and clean it to perfection. This is not only a great time saver, this will also significantly reducing your staff training needs!

LionsBot App

Each Robot is connected online to get real time updates. You can access the LionsBot dashboard through your phone, computer, or the on-board screen of their robots. The LionsBot App will allow users to check & set up their cleaning schedule, get analytics of cleaning done and control their robot entirely from the palm of their hand!




The LionsBot Range



R3 Vac

Say hello to the R3 Vac, the complete vacuum solution. Specially designed for offices, retail stores, community spaces and other indoor areas with high traffic. The R3 Vac is a robotic vacuum that leaves your floors and air cleaner thanks to its HEPA filter. The R3 Vac has a large 6L microfibre vacuum bag meaning it can clean for longer before needing to be emptied.

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R3 Scrub Pro

Introducing the R3 Scrub Pro, pro cleaning made easy. The R3 Scrub Pro makes heavy-duty cleaning possible even in tight spaces in airports, supermarkets and healthcare establishments. The R3 Scrub Pro washes, scrubs and dries floors in one movement, while also being completely autonomous. Simply start the R3 Scrub Pro and watch it clean your floors!

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R12 Rex Scrub

With up to 80kg of unadulterated scrubbing power, the Rex is a cleaning powerhouse, delivering dramatic results in just one pass. With two highly-efficient 16-inch brushes, that power is distributed evenly over a larger surface area, maximising its cleaning speed and efficacy. The optimised squeegee system ensures maximum dryness, leaving no trace.

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