Why Invest in Robotic Cleaning Solutions


Why Invest in Robotic Cleaning Solutions


A common question we are asked at Clenli Direct is “why should I invest in robotic cleaning solutions”?


While there is no “one answer” for everybody, if you are interested in increasing productivity, having a cleaner facility, giving time back to your cleaners to focus on the finer details, or lowering your environmental impact, robotic cleaning solutions can hold the key!


Below are some of the common reasons why you should consider automating your cleaning process.

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Productivity Boost

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual cleaning! Robotic cleaners are programmed to efficiently navigate through your facility, ensuring every nook and cranny is spotless. This leaves the rest of your cleaning team to concentrate on the finer details and allows you to focus on what matters - driving business success!



Increase Productivity with Cleaning Robots




Enjoy Cleaner & Healthier Facilities with Robotic Cleaning Solutions





Cleaner & Healthier Facility

Cleaning robots provide consistently excellent cleaning results. Using advanced technology, cleaning robots will remove dirt, dust, and allergens that could be otherwise missed, creating a healthier and more pleasant atmosphere for everyone.










Time Saving Solution

Automating your cleaning routine can save you time. Cleaning robots can take control of large sections of the cleaning process, reducing the workload for your cleaning crew - all while also providing the highest cleanliness standards. Using robotics will save your staff time, allowing them to focus on the finer details of the cleaning routine and provide a better all-round service!



Save time with Automated Cleaning Solutions




Drive Sustainability with Robotic Cleaning Solutions





Drive Sustainability

Robotic cleaners are meticulously engineered to operate with remarkable efficiency, consuming minimal amounts of energy and water. By integrating advanced technology and intelligent design, these devices significantly reduce your carbon footprint. As they require less energy to function and optimize water usage, they not only help in lowering utility bills but also play a crucial role in environmental conservation.

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Data Driven Cleaning

Our robotic solutions are equipped with integrated reporting technology, providing valuable insights into their performance. In addition to delivering spotless spaces, they generate comprehensive reports that reveal the specific cleaning needs of your workspace.

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Data Driven Cleaning with Robotics




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Why Choose Clenli Direct

When investing in robotic cleaning in Ireland, there's only one place to look. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Clenli Direct has established itself as the market leader, offering award-winning robotic cleaning solutions and comprehensive support. Our deep expertise ensures that you receive the best products tailored to your needs, backed by exceptional customer service.

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The LionsBot Range


R3 Vac


R3 Vac

Say hello to the R3 Vac, the complete vacuum solution. Specially designed for offices, retail stores, community spaces and other indoor areas with high traffic. The R3 Vac is a robotic vacuum that leaves your floors and air cleaner thanks to its HEPA filter. The R3 Vac has a large 6L microfibre vacuum bag meaning it can clean for longer before needing to be emptied.

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R3 Scrub Pro


R3 Scrub Pro

Introducing the R3 Scrub Pro, pro cleaning made easy. The R3 Scrub Pro makes heavy-duty cleaning possible even in tight spaces in airports, supermarkets and healthcare establishments. The R3 Scrub Pro washes, scrubs and dries floors in one movement, while also being completely autonomous. Simply start the R3 Scrub Pro and watch it clean your floors!

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R12 Rex Scrub


R12 Rex Scrub

With up to 80kg of unadulterated scrubbing power, the Rex is a cleaning powerhouse, delivering dramatic results in just one pass. With two highly-efficient 16-inch brushes, that power is distributed evenly over a larger surface area, maximising its cleaning speed and efficacy. The optimised squeegee system ensures maximum dryness, leaving no trace.

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Don't Get Left Behind

Embrace the future of cleaning and be a part of the new cleaning revolution! No matter your industry, contact us today to learn how our robotic solutions can revolutionize your business.

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