R3 Scrub Pro

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Introducing the R3 Scrub Pro, pro cleaning made easy. The R3 Scrub Pro makes heavy-duty cleaning possible even in tight spaces in airports, supermarkets and healthcare establishments. The R3 Scrub Pro washes, scrubs and dries floors in one movement, while also being completely autonomous. Simply start the R3 Scrub Pro and watch it clean your floors!

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R3 Scrub Pro

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The R3 Scrub Pro is part of a family of fully-autonomous robots from LionsBot dedicated to handling specialised cleaning functions like vacuuming, sweeping, and scrubbing. With a powerful sensor network, long running times, quick charging times, and high speeds, these robotic cleaners will automate large sections of your day-to-day cleaning with ease.








Great Pressure


With 8 kg downward pressure, and brush options for a wide range of floor types, the R3 Scrub Pro delivers professional grade cleaning in the tightest spaces.



Great Pressure - R3 Scrub Pro LionsBot




Magic Tag - R3 Scrub Pro LionsBot




Zero Click Start


Enjoy zero click cleaning with Magic Tags. Anyone can start cleaning by just pushing the R3 Scrub Pro to the Magic Tag, significantly reducing your staffs training needs.







Edge Cleaning


Most machines can only clean so close to edges like walls. Not the R3 Scrub Pro. Thanks to its side brushes, the R3 Scrub Pro delivers 0cm edge cleaning with fantastic results!



Edge Cleaning - R3 Scrub Pro LionsBot





Compact Size


Robotic cleaning has never been so compact. Designed with efficiency in mind, the R3 can cover huge areas in one charge while also being able to reach into small spaces when cleaning.



Compact Size - R3 Scrub Pro LionsBot




Sustainability - R3 Scrub Pro LionsBot






With office friendly noise levels and low water and power consumption - the R3 Scrub Pro was built with sustainability in mind.






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Specification Measurement
Dimensions (mm) 635 x 570 x 825
Weight 82.5kg
Cleaning Width 380mm - 635mm
Squeegee Width 590mm
Brush Pressure 8kg
Clean Tank Capacity 21L
Recovery Tank Capacity 24L
Debris Hopper Capacity 0.8L
Max Speed 1m/s
LiDAR Coverage 25m / 200m (with optional 3D LiDAR)
Performance Up to 1,800m²/h
Battery Life Up to 3.5 hours
Charge Time 2 hours
Sound Level 70dB
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