Green Cleaning


As a leading supplier of cleaning solutions, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative products that give our clients the edge in an increasingly competitive market.

As we look to the marketplace it is evident that the need for sustainable cleaning solutions has become essential. Today more than ever, we are aware of our carbon footprint and our ability to implement incremental changes that will have a really positive impact on the environment and on our future.

Below are some sustainable solutions, proven to deliver excellent cleaning results at a competitive price:

Blue Water


Tersano is a chemical-free cleaning solution that is driving world-wide sustainability in the cleaning industry.

Tersano is a remarkable system that converts ordinary tap water into a chemical-free sanitiser and powerful cleaner.

A single Tersano cartridge produces 6,000 litres of solution.

Tersano is the perfect solution for high traffic areas such as, schools and colleges, hospitals and residential homes, airports, bus and rail stations, retail outlets, hotels and restaurants, plus many more.


The Sachet System is the first complete range of cleaning products, delivered in soluble capsules.

The Sachet System is a sustainable alternative to traditional chemicals.

The product range is 100 biodegradable and phosphate free.

This clever system allows you to calculate the cost of implementing a sustainable cleaning schedule at any location.

The Sachet System is the perfect cleaning partner for companies seeking to implement a low-cost sustainable solution.

Blue Water
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