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PVA Soluble Sachets

Simpler, Safer, Sustainable Cleaning

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What are PVA Soluble Sachets?

PVA Soluble Sachets are a revolutionary solution that will lower make your cleaning routine safer, simpler, more sustainable, and will lower your costs.


By simply adding these sachets to water, you can produce powerful cleaning agents that will keep your premises clean!



What Are PVA Sachets




How PVA Sachets Work




How PVA Sachets Work

To create the sachets, the unique formulations are contained within sachets until the point of use. The sachets are dry, compact, and light, they reduce storage space, transportation costs and heavily reduce the environmental implications often associated with delivering industrial cleaning supplies.


PVA Hygiene use planet friendly packaging that can either be composted or recycled, helping you to eliminate single-use plastic from your current cleaning procedure.






What Can PVA Soluble Sachets Replace?

PVA have a wide range of solutions for a complete cleaning experience. PVA have solutions that can replace all common cleaning agents, including:


- Degreaser

- Multi Surface

- Bathroom Cleaner

- Glass & Stainless Steel

- Toilet Cleaner

- Laundry Tablets

- Dishwasher Tablets

- Hand Soap


What Can PVA Sachets Replace




PVA Sustainable Benefits

Every business has a responsibility to the environment and future generations. PVA Hygiene sachets allow businesses to eliminate single-use plastic and significantly reduce their carbon emissions, without compromising on effective cleaning.


PVA Recyclable Packaging

Recyclable Packaging

All packaging is recyclable, and the pouches are also compostable.

PVA No Single Use Plastic

No Single Use Plastic

Our bottles are designed to be durable and last a lifetime, reducing plastic waste by 90%.

PVA Less Deliveries Needed

Less Deliveries Needed

PVA Soluble Sachets result in no transportation of water, reducing carbon footprint by 95%





PVA Safety Benefits

PVA Hygiene sachets allow businesses to reduce and eliminate risks associated with the use of cleaning chemicals. With PVA sachets, you significantly reduce your exposure to chemicals, spillage, and even the chance of manual handling injuries.


PVA No Exposure to Concentrated Products

No Exposure to Concentrated Products

As PVA is safely in sachet form, there is no risk of exposure to concentrated product.

PVA Reduced Manual Handling Risks

Reduced Manual Handling Risk

As PVA Sachets are much smaller in size and weight, this significantly reduces the risk of manual handling errors.

PVA No Spillages of Hazardous Chemicals

No Spillages of Hazardous Chemicals

As the Sachets are not in liquid form, there is no risk of accidental spills.





PVA Simplicity Benefits

PVA sachets will simplify your cleaning process. Each sachet has simple to follow instructions where you mix the sachet with water. Spray bottles are color coded to avoid cross contamination, and the sachet packs are resealable.


PVA Minimal Training Needed

Minimal Training Needed

Soluble Sachets are simple to use, meaning minimal training is needed.

PVA Color Coded Reusable Spray Bottles

Color Coded Reusable Spray Bottles

Our reusable bottles are clearly labelled and color coded, meaning no risk of cross contamination.

PVA Resealable Packaging

Resealable Packaging

The pouches are resealable to help keep the sachets fresh





PVA Savings Benefits

PVA sachets offer a wide range of savings, including financially, with delivery costs as less deliveries are needed, reduced training costs, particularly around health and safety, and manual handling, and less storage space is required.


PVA Lower Storage Costs

Lower Storage Costs

The Soluble Sachets significantly reduce the amount of storage needed compared to standard chemicals.

PVA Reduced Delivery Costs

Reduced Delivery Costs

You can hold a month's supply of cleaning agent in the palm of your hands with the Soluble Sachets, meaning less deliveries are needed.

PVA Less Training Costs

Less Training Costs

PVA is a simple product to use, meaning little to no training is needed.









Pack Capacity

By condensing your everyday cleaning agents into a sachet form, you are no longer transporting and storing liquids. Instead, you have a ready-made solution that takes minutes to create, and that is safer and more sustainable to boot.


Our trigger spray range will produce up to 15 Litres of cleaning agent per pouch, while our bucket range will allow you to hold up to 400 Litres of cleaning agent in the palm of your hand!



PVA Pack Capacity




PVA Soluble Sachets Simple to Use





Simple to Use

PVA Soluble Sachets are simplicity themselves, as you only need to add water to create a powerful cleaning solution!








Official Irish & EU Distribution Partner

Partnering with PVA Hygiene, Clenli Direct are the official manufacturer and distributor of PVA Soluble Sachets in Ireland and the EU! With an expert team in place and all the necessary equipment and logistic capabilities, we are capable of producing up to 20,000 sachets per day!


Clenli Official Irish & EU Distribution Partner to PVA Hygiene




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PVA is a complete cleaning solution that will lower your costs, while also making your cleaning safer, sustainable, and simpler. To learn more about PVA Soluble Sachets, contact us today!


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