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TU Dublin is a driving force for sustainability within the Education Sector. It is widely recognised for its commitment to sustainable demand management and creating new approaches.

On the subject of sustainability, TU Dublin is committed to implementing best practice. This objective became most apparent during the recent redevelopment of the TU Dublin City Campus. TU Dublin has 10 overriding themes all of which are part of a bigger sustainable vision and plan.


To successfully manage sustainable demand, TU Dublin has created a clear plan, which aims to improve environmental practices and curtail waste across the Campus.

Noonan is a leading provider of facility services and solutions. They work in partnership with TU Dublin to deliver a clean and safe campus.

In keeping with TU Dublin's Sustainability Plan, Noonan sought to introduce a sustainable cleaning solution.


TU Dublin is one of Ireland's most popular 3rd level education facilities. The Dublin City Campus brings more than 10,000 students and 600 employees together.

Undoubtedly, this large footfall creates a demanding cleaning schedule for the Noonan team. The cleaning team is required to uphold cleaning standards throughout the busy day as students dash from one class to another; up and down the hallways, in and out of bathrooms and eating areas. Seeking a sustainable cleaning solution to deliver in a busy environment is a tough challenge.


Noonan has a team of experienced professionals, who are at the forefront of industry advancements. Noonan is committed to delivering, proven sustainable cleaning solutions to its clients. They attend cleaning expos and workshops regularly to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest developments.

Noonan was one of the first commercial cleaning companies take on a new, sustainable cleaning solution named Tersano. A product they quickly introduced to TU Dublin.

Noonan believed Tersano to be the ideal cleaning solution for TU Dublin. It is a chemical-free, food-sanitizer and a powerful cleaner that promotes a healthy and safe environment. Tersano is also free from both carcinogens and allergens, a seemingly perfect fit with the Dublin City Campus.


TU Dublin agrees that Tersano is the perfect fit for their sustainable vision and plan. They introduced the system to the Dublin City Campus during October 2017.

True to their sustainable commitments, TU Dublin has customised its Tersano unit, which is now connected to the onsite, rainwater harvesting system. Today the TU Dublin City Campus is cleaned with SAO rainwater.


“TU Dublin is delighted to be a driving force for sustainability within the Education Sector. Making the switch to Tersano was an obvious decision for us.

We are very pleased that our rainwater experiment was a success and that we can now clean our entire campus with Tersano rainwater, harvested onsite. The cleaning results are simply amazing!”


TU Dublin is a Noonan Proudly Bidvest Client. All recommendations were made by Noonan directly to TU Dublin. Clenli Direct is the exclusive supplier of Tersano in Ireland. We work in partnership with Noonan Proudly Bidvest to deliver new and sustainable cleaning solutions.

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