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Serving All Sectors - Robotic Cleaning




Serving All Sectors

From healthcare to hospitality, manufacturing to offices, our cutting-edge robotic cleaning solutions cover all industries.


The beauty of our robots lies in their unparalleled adaptability. They are not limited by sector, instead they seamlessly integrate into various industries, ensuring every environment remains pristine and sanitized.





Closed Plan Commercial Settings


In closed plan commercial settings, our intelligent cleaning robots navigate obstacles with finesse, effortlessly adapting to varying room layouts. This elevates the environment for both employees and customers, making a notable difference in places like:


Hotel Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland



Robotic cleaning solutions are ideal for hotels, offering consistent, high-quality cleaning for guest rooms and common areas. These robots operate quietly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to guests. Their precision ensures spotless environments, enhancing guest satisfaction and hygiene standards, which is crucial in the hospitality industry. Additionally, their reliability reduces labor costs and allows staff to focus on more personalized guest services.

Office Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland



In office environments, robotic cleaning solutions maintain cleanliness without interrupting daily operations. They ensure a pristine workspace, boosting employee morale and productivity. With programmable schedules, these robots can clean during off-hours, maintaining a spotless environment for employees. Their efficiency and consistency help reduce cleaning costs and contribute to a healthier workplace by reducing the spread of germs and allergens.

Supermarket Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland



Supermarkets benefit from robotic cleaning solutions due to their ability to maintain high hygiene standards in high-traffic areas. These robots can clean floors continuously, ensuring a safe and pleasant shopping experience for customers. They handle spills and debris promptly, reducing slip hazards. Additionally, their use helps streamline operations, allowing staff to focus on customer service and stocking shelves.




Open Plan Commercial Settings


In open-plan commercial settings, our robots effortlessly cover vast spaces, allowing cleaning staff to focus on the finer details. This enhances visitor experiences in settings like:


Shopping Centre Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland


Shopping Centres

Robotic cleaning solutions are perfect for shopping centres, handling large areas efficiently and consistently. They ensure a clean and welcoming environment for shoppers, enhancing their experience. These robots can operate during off-peak hours, maintaining cleanliness without disrupting shoppers. Their ability to clean various surfaces effectively reduces labor costs and increases the overall operational efficiency of the shopping centre.

School & University Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland


Schools & Universities

In universities and schools, robotic cleaning solutions provide a reliable and efficient way to maintain cleanliness in classrooms, hallways, and common areas. They help create a healthy learning environment by reducing the spread of germs. Their ability to work autonomously allows cleaning staff to focus on more detailed tasks, ensuring a consistently clean and safe environment for students and faculty.

Stadium & Arena Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland


Stadiums & Arenas

Robotic cleaning solutions are ideal for stadiums and arenas, efficiently handling large crowds and extensive areas. They ensure cleanliness in seating areas, concourses, and restrooms, providing a better experience for attendees. These robots can operate during off-hours or event downtimes, maintaining a clean venue without interfering with events. Their durability and efficiency help reduce labor costs and increase venue readiness.




Industrial Locations


In industrial locations, our robotic solutions ensure consistent cleanliness while incorporating essential safety features needed for bustling environments, making their mark in:


Warehouse Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland



In warehouses, robotic cleaning solutions improve safety and efficiency by keeping floors clean and free of debris. They operate autonomously, allowing warehouse staff to focus on core tasks without worrying about cleaning. These robots help maintain a dust-free environment, which is crucial for the longevity of machinery and the health of workers. Their efficiency leads to cost savings and a more productive warehouse operation.

Logistic Centre Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland


Logistic Centres

Logistic centres benefit from robotic cleaning solutions by ensuring a clean and safe working environment. These robots can navigate large areas and tight spaces, maintaining cleanliness in high-traffic zones. Their consistent performance reduces the risk of accidents caused by debris and spills. By automating the cleaning process, logistic centres can enhance operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve overall productivity.

Airport & Train Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland


Airports & Train Stations

Robotic cleaning solutions are perfect for airports and train stations, where cleanliness is crucial for passenger satisfaction and safety. These robots handle high-traffic areas efficiently, ensuring spotless floors and surfaces. They can operate around the clock, maintaining cleanliness without disrupting passenger flow. Their reliability and efficiency help reduce labor costs and enhance the overall travel experience for passengers.






In healthcare areas, our robots meticulously clean to create a safer and more hygienic space for patients and medical professionals. Examples include:


Hospital Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland



In hospitals, robotic cleaning solutions are essential for maintaining high hygiene standards and preventing the spread of infections. They provide consistent and thorough cleaning of patient rooms, operating theaters, and common areas. Their precision and reliability reduce human error, ensuring a sterile environment. By automating the cleaning process, hospitals can improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and enhance patient safety and care quality.

Healthcare Clinic Robotic Cleaning Solutions Ireland


Health Clinics

Health clinics benefit from robotic cleaning solutions due to their ability to maintain high cleanliness standards in treatment rooms, waiting areas, and offices. These robots ensure a sterile environment, crucial for patient safety. Their consistent performance reduces the risk of infections and enhances the overall patient experience. By automating cleaning tasks, clinics can focus more on patient care and improve operational efficiency.





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Award Winning Robotics Range


R3 Vac


R3 Vac

Say hello to the R3 Vac, the complete vacuum solution. Specially designed for offices, retail stores, community spaces and other indoor areas with high traffic. The R3 Vac is a robotic vacuum that leaves your floors and air cleaner thanks to its HEPA filter. The R3 Vac has a large 6L microfibre vacuum bag meaning it can clean for longer before needing to be emptied.

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R3 Scrub Pro


R3 Scrub Pro

Introducing the R3 Scrub Pro, pro cleaning made easy. The R3 Scrub Pro makes heavy-duty cleaning possible even in tight spaces in airports, supermarkets and healthcare establishments. The R3 Scrub Pro washes, scrubs and dries floors in one movement, while also being completely autonomous. Simply start the R3 Scrub Pro and watch it clean your floors!

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R12 Rex Scrub


R12 Rex Scrub

With up to 80kg of unadulterated scrubbing power, the Rex is a cleaning powerhouse, delivering dramatic results in just one pass. With two highly-efficient 16-inch brushes, that power is distributed evenly over a larger surface area, maximising its cleaning speed and efficacy. The optimised squeegee system ensures maximum dryness, leaving no trace.

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