Clenli Direct: Leading the Way in Robotic Cleaning Ireland


Clenli Direct: Leading the Way in Robotic Cleaning Ireland


When investing in robotic cleaning in Ireland, there is only one place you should look.


Clenli Direct are leading the way in Ireland, offering complete support along with the best-in-class robotics cleaning solutions.


Here is why you should choose Clenli Direct as your robotic cleaning solutions partner:

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Award Winning Fleet of Cleaning Robots

Behind every successful business is an incredible idea. LionsBot has spent years crafting award-winning, innovative, and sustainable robotic cleaning solutions. Available exclusively through Clenli Direct in Ireland, LionsBot's remarkable fleet of robots are perfectly tailored for all industries, and environments.

LionsBot Award Winning Fleet of Cleaning Robots




Robotic Cleaning Expertise and Know-How





Expertise and Know-How

With over three decades of industry experience, Clenli Direct has mastered the art of cleaning. Our legacy of driving cleaning innovation in the Irish market continues with our latest endeavor - robotic cleaning. Our unmatched expertise and dedication to transforming your maintenance routines make us the go-to choice.








Dedicated Robotics Team

We understand the importance of dedicated support when embracing robotic cleaning. Our newly established robotics team at Clenli Direct is primed to provide seamless integration. From initial site visits and demos to hands-on training, we ensure minimal disruption and maximum benefit.

Dedicated Robotics Team Clenli Direct Ireland




Data Driven Robotic Cleaning




Data Driven Cleaning

Our robotic solutions come with built-in reporting tech, offering valuable insights into their performance. Beyond spotless spaces, they compile comprehensive reports, unveiling your workspace's unique cleaning needs.

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Installation and Support

Installation & Support

When you choose Clenli Direct, you gain an unwavering support system. Our experts personally deliver, install, test, and fine-tune your robots, ensuring they are ready to shine. Ongoing support is our promise, ensuring your robots perform at their peak and exceed expectations.

In-House Service & Maintenance

In-House Service & Maintenance Team

Our comprehensive service contracts ensure your robots remain in prime condition. Our skilled service team handles maintenance with precision. Simply choose a convenient time, and we will handle the rest, ensuring your robots never miss a beat.

Certified Robotic Cleaning Training

Certified Training

Investing with Clenli Direct means investing in complementary and comprehensive certified training for you and your team. This ensures your cleaning robots stay in top form, perform at their best, and are skillfully operated, empowering you with the utmost confidence.




Award Winning Robotics Range


R3 Vac


R3 Vac

Say hello to the R3 Vac, the complete vacuum solution. Specially designed for offices, retail stores, community spaces and other indoor areas with high traffic. The R3 Vac is a robotic vacuum that leaves your floors and air cleaner thanks to its HEPA filter. The R3 Vac has a large 6L microfibre vacuum bag meaning it can clean for longer before needing to be emptied.

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R3 Scrub Pro


R3 Scrub Pro

Introducing the R3 Scrub Pro, pro cleaning made easy. The R3 Scrub Pro makes heavy-duty cleaning possible even in tight spaces in airports, supermarkets and healthcare establishments. The R3 Scrub Pro washes, scrubs and dries floors in one movement, while also being completely autonomous. Simply start the R3 Scrub Pro and watch it clean your floors!

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R12 Rex Scrub


R12 Rex Scrub

With up to 80kg of unadulterated scrubbing power, the Rex is a cleaning powerhouse, delivering dramatic results in just one pass. With two highly-efficient 16-inch brushes, that power is distributed evenly over a larger surface area, maximising its cleaning speed and efficacy. The optimised squeegee system ensures maximum dryness, leaving no trace.

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Don't Get Left Behind

Embrace the future of cleaning and be a part of the new cleaning revolution! No matter your industry, contact us today to learn how our robotic solutions can revolutionize your business.

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