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TIMBA is the new floor sanding machine for wood and hardwood floors.
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- It is easy to use and doesn't need special training like the belt sanding machines.
- Free of dust thanks to the improved vacuum system.
- It leaves a very smooth surface and works up to the skirting board.

TIMBA is able to do, on any type of wood floor, jobs that traditionally are made with 3 different machines:
• Smooth like a traditional belt sanding machine.
• Finishes the floors like a monobrush.
• Sands up to the skirting boards of the walls like a edge machine.

Thanks to TIMBA accessories is possible to:
- Quickly remove of glue and thick resin coatings;
- Quickly remove on cement, painted cement, resin floors and on foundations;
- levelling cement floors, eliminates brush marks and surplus materials;  before laying the new wood or hardwood floor;

Sanding Dust Free!

• Dust free thanks to the vacuum kit system.
• Multi directional workability thanks to the 360° directional wheels that allows the machine to move in any direction.
• Excellent sanding.
• Brilliant finishing.
• Light and easy to use and doesn’t need special training.

It sands very close to the wall avoiding the use of edge machine
• It can also work in narrow areas.
• It reduces the working time.

It can also work as a monobrush! TIMBA can use: Mesh discs for finishing, Cleaning disc, Double sided sandpaper, Carborundum and All accessories for monobrushes

Feature that make the TIMBA sanding machine unique are in particular: the planetarium with tempered steel gears; the 360° wheels that allow a multidirectional workability. Klindex has been the first company in the world to use the spherical wheels on the grinding-polishing machines.

TIMBA can give the floors a perfect flatness avoided the “wave” effect.

Besides the applications on wood, with the immense range of abrasives and diamond accessories, TIMBA can perform the following works: resins and glue removal; smoothing foundation ; foundation surplus removal ; scratch the ceramics and floor cleansing. All always dust free.

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