Motorscrubber Jet3

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The MotorScrubber JET3 is a compact, versatile floor scrubbing machine designed for professional use. Featuring a powerful 360 rpm scrubbing action and targeted spray technology, it efficiently removes ingrained dirt from floors, walls, and stairs. Its lightweight design and adjustable telescopic handle provide ease of use and access to hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for various surfaces, the JET3 offers up to 3.5 hours of runtime, making it a reliable choice for deep cleaning tasks.

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Motorscrubber Jet 3

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The MotorScrubber JET3 is an advanced, small floor scrubbing machine designed to deliver exceptional cleaning performance. Featuring a powerful 360 rpm motor, the JET3 effectively loosens and removes ingrained dirt from a variety of surfaces including floors, tiles, grout, walls, and stairs. Its targeted spray technology ensures that cleaning solution is precisely applied, enhancing the scrubbing efficiency and ensuring thorough results.


Weighing under 2 kg, the JET3 is remarkably lightweight, which, combined with its adjustable telescopic handle, provides excellent maneuverability and ease of use. This design allows users to reach tight spaces and clean hard-to-access areas effortlessly. The machine's long-lasting battery backpack offers up to 3.5 hours of continuous operation, making it ideal for extended cleaning tasks without the need for frequent recharging.


The MotorScrubber JET3 is fully waterproof, adding to its versatility and safety. It is suitable for a wide range of environments, from indoor floors and walls to outdoor areas such as pools and boats. The robust construction and minimal control design ensure durability and user-friendly performance, making it a reliable tool for professional cleaning needs. Whether tackling tough dirt or maintaining cleanliness in challenging environments, the JET3 provides an effective and efficient solution.


Solution is delivered through the powerful, high pressure pump for targeted application. Powered by MotorScrubber Backpack Technology, JET3 allows you access to all the hard to reach areas. ​




Motorscrubber Benefits


Motorscrubber Jet3 Waterproof

100% Waterproof

Fully submersible with no shock risk, the Jet3 is the perfect addition to your boat cleaning or pool maintenance routine.

Motorscrubber Jet3 Stairs Brush

Specific Stairs Brush

Combine the Jet3 floor scrubbing machine with our stair brush for ultimate skirting board, base board, and stair cleaning. This makes Jet3 one of the most versatile commercial floor scrubber.

Motorscrubber Jet3 Multi Functional


Be it floor cleaning, wall scrubbing, stairs, or swimming pools. The possibilities are endless with the Jet3.




Motorscrubber Jet3 Features


Motorscrubber Jet3 Controls

Streamlined Controls

The JET3 features an on-demand solution application, enabling deep cleaning in areas often missed by other industrial scrubbers.

Motorscrubber Jet3 High Performance

High Performance

Powered by the M10 motor, which delivers 10,000 rpm geared down to 360 rpm, the JET3 provides outstanding torque and exceptional cleaning power.


Motorscrubber Jet3 Lightweight

Ultra Lightweight

Weighing under 2 kg, the JET3 is ideal for prolonged use and can scrub walls up to 3 meters high with ease.

Motorscrubber Jet3 Pivoting Handle

Versatile Handle

The pivoting handle allows users to clean under objects as low as 20 cm (8 inches), providing excellent accessibility.


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Specification Measurement
Run Time 3.5 Hours
Charge Time 4 Hours
Machine Weight 2.5 kg
Backpack Weight 3 kg
Brush Speed 360 RPM
Scrubbing Width 180 mm
Hourly Performance 144 m²/h
Solution Capacity 1 L
Pump Pressure 7.9 Bar / 116 PSI
Pump Flow 5 L/min
Linear Performance 799 m/h
Brush Pressure 5 kg
Motor Torque 11.18 g/cm
Manufacturer Motorscrubber
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