Comac Vispa 35B

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The Comac Vispa 35B is ideal for small and congested areas replacing manual cleaning systems. Floors are scrubbed and dried in a single passage, so that they're immediately safe to resume use upon. The Comac Vispa 35B is the floor scrubber that has revolutionized cleaning operations in small and congested areas due to its small size and flexible movement.


Cleaning Width

350 mm

Max. Performance

1050 m²/h

Tank Capacity

10 / 10 L

Battery Life

1 Hour

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Vispa 35B

Response within an hour

The Comac Vispa 35B floor scrubber has revolutionised cleaning operations in small and congested areas because of its unique small size, and flexible movement. Floors are scrubbed and dried in a single movement thanks to the Comac Vispa 35B, making them immediately safe to walk on.


The Comac Vispa 35B is perfect for cleaning small shops, offices, canteens, restaurants, wellness centers, hair salons, doctors surgeries and nursery and other schools. The Comac Vispa 35B includes all the features of a professional scrubber dryer such as working on bends, easy to empty tanks and easy to clean filters whilst maintaining the practicality and compactness that has always distinguished it.

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Ergonomical Folding Handle

The foldable handle allows for more mobility and a more comfortable experience for the operator.

Compact & Easy to Transport

Due to it's compact design the Vispa 35B can fit in the boot of a car with ease.

Detachable Recovery Tank

To empty the recovery tank all you have to do is click it off and empty at a convienent location.

Easy To Use

The Vispa 35B's simple control panel allows a user with little to no experience to easily operate the machine

Powerfull Scrubbing

The compact design doesn't sacrifice power. The powerfull motor & weight distribution allow for effective cleaning

Easy Fill Solution Tank

The easy access to the solution tank allow the operator to fill & refill quickly

Extended 3 Year Warranty

On-Board Smart Charger to prolong battery life cycles

Premium No Maintenance Gel Batteries

Specification Measurement
Theoretical Productivity 1,050m²/h
Scrubbing Width 350mm
Brush Type & Quantity Disc (x1)
Brush Diameter 350mm
Brush Pressure 20kg
Solution Tank 10L
Recovery Tank 10L
Battery Life 1 hour
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 682mm x 1,018mm x 440mm
Squeegee Width 440mm
Weight 77kg
Sound Level <70kdBA
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