Comac Vispa XL

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Vispa XL is a powerful, cutting-edge machine, but is also extremely maneuverable.
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• Vispa XL completes the range of compact scrubbing machines made by Comac. Vispa XL unites the many well-known characteristics that distinguished the historic Vispa, combining agility, power, reliability and technological innovation in a unique example of pure user pleasure.

• The design is robust and reliable, yet without renouncing the compactness that makes Vispa XL practical and easy to handle in any situation.

• Vispa XL ensures that cleaning is safe and professional. It is the ideal machine for the safe cleaning of areas frequented by many people, offering impeccable scrubbing and drying results.

• User-friendliness and simple maintenance make it perfect even for less experienced operators.

• ECO Mode technology reduces the noise level and consumption of Vispa XL, so it can be used in sensitive environments as well.

• The orbital brush head on Vispa XL enables greater performance and lower consumption.

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