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The latest edition to the i-Mop family, the i-Mop Lite is a lightweight, flexible scrubber dryer. Although the smallest model of scrubber dryer created by i-Team Global, it is the most powerful i-Mop yet with a brush speed of 500 RPM. Lightweight at only 13.2kg and small in size, the i-Mop Lite is extremely flexible while cleaning, easy to transport, and easy to store.


Cleaning Width

370 mm

Max. Performance

1000 m²/h

Tank Capacity

3 / 5 L

Battery Life

45 Mins

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i-mop Lite

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Introducing the i-mop Lite, the ultimate solution for fast, efficient, and versatile floor cleaning. Engineered by i-team Global, the i-mop Lite redefines mechanized cleaning, offering unparalleled mobility, performance, and ease of use. Designed to tackle a variety of surfaces and environments, this innovative floor scrubber delivers professional cleaning results with minimal effort.




i-mop lite effortless mobile cleaning

Efficient Mobility Cleaning

The i-mop Lite revolutionizes mechanized cleaning, bringing speed and efficiency to areas previously limited to manual methods. Its lightweight design and compact size enable quick deployment to remote spots and multi-level spaces. From trains and stadiums to shops and restrooms, the i-mop Lite ensures no area is off-limits.

i-mop lite unmatched cleaning performance

Umatched Cleaning Performance

The i-mop Lite's unique upright design optimally positions weight on its brushes. Coupled with its robust, high-RPM battery-driven motor—surpassing its counterparts—it delivers unparalleled cleaning power, setting a new standard in auto scrubbers.

i-mop lite simple mobility

Go Anywhere, Clean Everywhere

Designed for ultimate mobility with transport wheels, a lightweight build, and a compact form, the i-mop Lite is effortlessly portable. It's even trunk-friendly, fitting into a standard car for easy transport between sites.



i-mop lite intuitive operation

Intuituve Operation

Say goodbye to complex controls. The i-mop Lite's user-friendly interface requires no advanced knowledge. With pre-programmed settings, just a simple button press selects your desired operating mode.

i-mop lite effortless maintenance

Effortless Maintenance

With easily interchangeable batteries, brushes, and tanks, the i-mop Lite maximizes your cleaning time by minimizing downtime.


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Quick Change Battery

The convienent battery design allows you to quickly change the battery. The I-Mop lite can also be user while connected to it's charger.

Easy to change Pad Holders and Brushes

Click on & click off the pad holder or brushes for easy cleaning or replacing

Transport it Anywhere

Due to it's compact & light desing the I-mop Lite fits in a car boot with ease.

Powerful Scrubbing Deck

The I-Mop Lite's design doesn't sacrifice power. Using it's powerful motors the I-mop lite delivers exceptional results

Simple Control Panel

Just selecet your options and go! Designed with simplicity & effeciency in mind the I-mop lite can be operated by anyone.

Mobile & Flexible

Built to reach where large scrubber dryers can't. Bathroom stalls, trains, under seats, under desks

Extended 3 Year Warranty

On-Board Smart Charger to prolong battery life cycles

Premium No Maintenance Gel Batteries

Specification Measurement
Application Indoor, Hard Surfaces
Performance 700-1,000m²/h
Brush Speed 500 RPM
Brush Pressure 13kg
Operation Width 370mm
Dimensions (mm) 340 x 430 x 1,200
Weight 13.2kg
Solution Tank 3L
Recovery Tank 3-5L
Brush Motor 180W
Vacuum Suction Motor 200W
Run Time 45mins
Charge Time 6 hours
Charger Type Off-Board
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