Comac C100

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The Comac C100 is an innovative, powerful ride-on floor scrubber from Comac's C range. Known for it's sleek design and an intelligence, the Comac C100 is a scrubbing machine that gives users the ability to interact with the machine to make the most of its functions, optimise operation times and reduce costs.


Cleaning Width

1000 mm

Max. Performance

8000 m²/h

Tank Capacity

230 / 240 L

Battery Life

4 Hours

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Comac C100

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Performance, power and safety are a guarantee with the Comac C100 with features such as anti-skid and non-marking wheels, front and rear LED headlights and the working program selector enables operator to select activity about to be carried out. The Comac C100 is able to work in any environment such as production sites, warehouses, shopping centers, supermarkets and logistics centers. Not only innovative, the Comac C100 has excellent performance, great power and maximum safety, without sacrificing user-friendliness. This makes the Comac C100 an extremely versatile scrubbing machine. Thanks to it's measured blend of productivity, performance and reliability, the Comac C100 is suitable for heavy duty cleaning even with heavy dirt involved. The Comac C100 thrives in medium and large floors up to 16,000m².
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Clenli Direct - Comac C100 - LED Lights Clenli Direct - Comac C100 - Powerful Suction Tool Clenli Direct - Comac C100 - Intuitive Controls
Energy Efficient LED Lights Powerful Suction Tool Intuitive Controls
Front and rear LED headlights as standard to guarantee maximum visibility Comes as standard with a powerful suction tool to pick up dirt and water from floors Intuitive driving and simple controls for both Essential and Bright configurations
Clenli Direct - Comac C100 - Corrosion Resistant Frame Clenli Direct - Comac C100 - Steel Brush Head Clenli Direct - Comac C100 - Raised Working Position
Corrosion Resistant Frame Steel Brush Head Raised Working Position
Steel frame coated with cataphoretic paint which provides it with remarkable resistance to corrosion Brush head made of steel, to provide robustness and reliability over time Working position raised and decentralized to improve visibility during cleaning operations
Clenli Direct - Comac C100 - Program Selector Clenli Direct - Comac C100 - Constant Solution Flow Clenli Direct - Comac C100 - Stop & Go System
Program Selector Constant Solution Flow Stop & Go System
Working program selector enables the operator to manually select the type of activity to be carried out This ensures that the delivery of the solution is uniform across the working width, thus improving cleaning efficiency Optimises consumption by automatically halting the machine when it is idle
Specification Measurement
Theoretical Productivity 8,000m²/h
Scrubbing Width 1,000mm
Brush Type & Quantity Disc (x2)
Brush Diameter 510mm
Brush Pressure 150mm
Solution Tank 230L
Recovery Tank 240L
Battery Life 4 hours
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,917mm x 1,730mm x 1,095mm
Squeegee Width 1,305mm
Weight 1,216kg
Sound Level <70dBA
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