Egholm City Ranger 2260

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With a powerful petrol engine and 4-wheel drive, the Egholm City Ranger 2260 takes care of all kinds of cleaning assignments - in all seasons. A complete range of tailor made quality attachments ensures perfect results all year round. What you get is maximum versatility and efficiency - by the world’s fastest shift between attachments, articulated manoeuvrability, easy handling and operation with maximum operator comfort.


Sweeping Width

Up to 1200 mm

Brush Speed

Up to 100 RPM

Waste Capacity

546 L

Power Source


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Egholm City Ranger 2260

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Powerful Engine

Egholm City Ranger - Powerful Engine - Clenli Direct
With the City Ranger 2260, all your outdoor sweeping, ground care and winter service jobs are made easy. The fact that the City Ranger 2260 is petrol powered means that you will also be able to meet demands for NOx reductions within the city - something that will become increasingly important in the years to come.
Egholm City Ranger - Versatility - Clenli Direct

Extremely Versatile

The City Ranger 2260 is versatile, but it is also specialised to suit your daily tasks. With the wide range of attachments available, you have a machine that performs every task perfectly without compromise in quality, speed or final result.

Efficiency & Longevity

Egholm City Ranger - Great Mobility - Clenli Direct

Compact design and articulated steering ensure that the City Ranger 2260 can has a sharp turning radius. With an inside turning circle of just 1200mm, the City Ranger 2260 can almost wrap itself around lamp posts and other obstructions in the city landscape. Easy handling is key both for efficiency and for the safety of the operator.

Egholm City Ranger - Attachment Change - Clenli Direct

Quick-Shift Attachment Change

Thanks to the unique Egholm Quick-shift system, attachment changes can be made in just one minute without the use of tools. All mechanical, hydraulic, water and electrical systems are connected by simply turning one handle - and the machine is ready to set off.

Dedicated Attachments to Suit Your Needs

Egholm City Ranger - Multiple Attachments - Clenli Direct

All attachments are developed and manufactured based on the imperative requirement that the machine and attachments must work together as ONE single machine with zero performance loss when compared to single-use machines. Whether it's as a road sweeper, green, or winter assignments, the Egholm City Ranger can do it all!

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Clenli Direct - Lightweight - Egholm City Ranger 2260 Clenli Direct - Multifunctional - Egholm City Ranger 2260 Clenli Direct - Quick Attachement Change - Egholm City Ranger 2260

Lightweight for Sensitive Surfaces

Multifunctional Use

Change Attachments in One Minute

Clenli Direct - Powerful Engine - Egholm City Ranger 2260 Clenli Direct - Comfortable for Operator - Egholm City Ranger 2260 Clenli Direct - Efficient - Egholm City Ranger 2260

Powerful Petrol Engine

Comfortable for Operator

Efficient & Safe

Clenli Direct - Tight Turning Radius - Egholm City Ranger 2260 Clenli Direct - Four Wheel Drive - Egholm City Ranger 2260 Clenli Direct - Many Attachments - Egholm City Ranger 2260

Tight Turning Radius

4 Wheel Drive

Attachments for All Tasks

Specification Measurement
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2,500mm x 1,068mm x 1,939mm
Weight 940kg
Payload 670kg
Turning Radius 3,280mm
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity 45L
Engine Model Kubota WG-972-G-E4
Engine Power 33 Horse Power
Noise Level (Outside) 81dBA
Noise Level (Operator) 88dBA
Four Wheel Drive Comes as Standard
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