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The key feature of the i-drive scrubber-dryer is its smart design to carry an i-mop lite on its back, allowing the operator to exit the vehicle and clean more detailed areas.

Response within an hour


Response within an hour


The i-drive can carry an imop Lite on its back, allowing the cleaner to hop on and hop off easily for a more detailed cleaning job. In short, the i-drive cleans your big spaces, while the imop Lite allows you to efficiently clean smaller spaces.

The i-drive is equipped with a ramp and adjustable footrest for better ergonomics. Thanks to the front & rear safety lights and the base-mounted lights illuminating the floor, you can even clean in dark spaces.

The i-drive can navigate the large areas without a driver, using sensor technology allowing operator to leave the i-drive and carry out other tasks!


• Clean large, medium, and small areas within no time.

• Because of its small turning radius, the i-drive can turn in narrow aisles.

•You can also fill, refill and empty the imop Lite easily. Get fresh water from the i-drive, or empty the recovery tank into the i-drive by a hose in a pinch. You are no longer bound to installed filling stations. 


Working width 610 mm

Driving speed 5.5 km/h

Solution tank volume 58 litre

Recovery tank volume 55 litre

Detergent tank volume 5.5 litre

Power i-power 14 batteries
Run time up to 80 min
Dimensions (l x w) 1.460 mm x 600 mm
Turning circle diameter 1.660 mm
Theoretical cleaning coverage 2745 m2/h
Practical cleaning coverage 1400m2/h
Pad pressure 25kg
Pad RPM 175 RPM
Operational Weight 208 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 349 kg 




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