Comac Innova 55

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The Comac Innova 55B is a scrubbing machine that is extremely convenient. The Comac Innova 55B halves times compared to walk-behind scrubbing machines, yet is just as mobile as any walk-behind scrubber dryer.
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Innova 55

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Thanks to its very compact dimension the Comac Innova 55B is able to replace a traditional walk behind scrubbing machine in maintenance cleaning of surfaces up to 3,000 sq. m.

The reduced dimensions and the driving wheel of automotive inspiration give the Comac Innova 55B the needed manoeuvrability to perform in small spaces, going very easily around obstacles to complete cleaning operations in a shorter time than a walk behind scrubber with a considerable saving on cleaning costs.

The Comac Innova 55B is a ride on scrubbing machine with automatic traction, available in battery version with single disc brush of 560mm working width. It is also available in basic version with the technology for consumption optimization and Eco ON/OFF System that automatically stops the brush and water flow when the machine is idle.

On request it is available also with on board battery charger.

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Clenli Direct - Comac Innova 55B - LED Lights Clenli Direct - Comac Innova 55B - Compact Dimensions Clenli Direct - Comac Innova 55B - Intuitive Driving Controls
Energy Efficient LED Lights Compact Dimensions Intuitive Driving Controls
Front and rear LED headlights as standard to guarantee maximum visibility Compactin size for easy mobility, transport, and storage Intuitive driving and simple controls with light and smooth steering
Clenli Direct - Comac Innova 55B - Eco Mode Clenli Direct - Comac Innova 55B - Stop & Go System Clenli Direct - Comac Innova 55B - Auto Speed Reduction
Eco Mode Stop & Go System Automatic Speed Reduction
Reduce noise level and energy consumption and increase the floor scrubber's autonomy with the press of a button Optimises consumption by automatically halting the machine when it is idle Automatic Speed Reduction when turning in order to improve operator safety
Specification Measurement
Theoretical Productivity 3,080m²/h
Scrubbing Width 560mm
Brush Type & Quantity Disc (x1)
Brush Diameter 560mm
Brush Pressure 15kg
Solution Tank 65L
Recovery Tank 75L
Battery Life 3 hours
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,265mm x 1,030mm x 600mm
Squeegee Width 705mm
Weight 335kg
Sound Level 63dBA
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