Comac C85 Non Stop Cleaning (NSC)

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With the C85 floor scrubbing machine, Comac has developed a technological solution that makes it possible to recycle the water used for floor cleaning, thus reducing the ecological impact of cleaning operations. In fact, the Comac C85 Non Stop Cleaning (NSC) is an extremely innovative and ecological scrubber drier as it is equipped with an integrated water filtration system. 

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The Comac C85 Non Stop Cleaning (NSC) is an extremely innovative and ecological battery-powered ride-on scrubbing machine equipped with a filtration system that allows the reuse of water used for cleaning floors.

The Comac C85 NSC is part of the #comac4water concept as the washing water can be reused for five days*, thus reducing its consumption. Moreover, the operator avoids the effort of having to repeatedly unload and fill the scrubbing machine tanks.

The NSC system equipped on the Comac C85 allows the reuse of water through three phases: in the first, the water is used normally and collected by vacuuming; in the second phase, water is filtered and purified, thus completing the water recycling phase. In the third phase, water is therefore available for use again. To meet the most specific cleaning needs, the Comac C85 NSC PREMIUM version is equipped with an advanced filtration stage to obtain even more purified water, thus working with clear water.

The Comac C85 NSC is available in scrubbing version with 2 disc brushes and 85 cm of working width.

*with an estimated use of 3 hours a day.

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Specification Measurement
Theoretical Productivity 6,800m²/h
Scrubbing Width 850mm
Brush Type & Quantity Discs (x2)
Brush Diameter 430mm
Brush Pressure 150kg
Solution Tank 300L
Run Time 4h
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,917mm x 1,630mm x 961mm
Squeegee Width 1,105mm
Sound Level <70dBA
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