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What is a Scrubber Dryer?

A scrubber dryer, also known as a floor scrubber, is an automatic floor cleaning machine that washes, scrubs, and dries floors in one movement, replacing traditional mops and buckets. It uses one or more rotating brushes to scrub the floor surface. Cleaning solution can be added to scrubber dryers to agitate dirt. The residue is then collected by squeegees and a vacuum, leaving the floor clean and dry. Scrubber dryers can be used for different applications based on the size of the area to be cleaned and the desired cleaning speed.



Comac Antea 50 Scrubber Dryer




Advantages of Scrubber Dryers


Revolutiosanize cleaning with mopping

Better Results than Mopping

With traditional mopping, when squeezing your mop into the wringer, you are adding dirt from the floor into the clean water inside your bucket. This means that you are simply spreading the dirt around your floor, and not actually cleaning it. With a scrubber dryer, there are separate tanks for clean and dirty water, meaning no cross contamination, and cleaner results to show for it.

scrubber dryer saves money and time

Time Savings

Scrubber Dryers can clean the same sized area in approximately half the time it takes using a mop and bucket. Scrubber dryers also hold large volumes of water which cuts down on pit stops needed with a bucket, saving you time and money while making your cleaning more efficient.

Scrubber dryer traction

Happier Cleaners

Using a mop and bucket is manually intensive and time consuming. Most modern scrubber dryers come with traction, a motor that drives the floor scrubber forward. This means that all you have to do control and steer the scrubber dryer, making work easier and less intensive than with mopping.




Choosing the Right Scrubber Dryer

Navigating the world of scrubber dryers to find the ideal match for your cleaning requirements can be challenging. At Clenli Direct, we recognize the role a dependable and efficient scrubber dryer plays in preserving a clean and hygienic environment. To help you make an informed choice, here are essential factors to consider when selecting the perfect scrubber dryer:


Scrubber Dryer Area Size

Area Size

Choose a machine size that matches the size of the areas you need to clean. For larger spaces, a ride-on or larger walk-behind model may be more suitable. At Clenli Direct, we stock a wide range of solutions for all sized facilities.

Scrubber Dryer Tank Capacity

Tank Capacity

Consider the water tank and recovery tank capacities to ensure they can handle your cleaning needs without frequent refills or emptying. Almost as importantly, be sure that your scrubber dryer is easy to refill and empty to save on time!

Scrubber Dryer Brush Speed & Pressure

Scrubbing Pressure & Brush Speed

Higher scrubbing pressure and brush speeds generally provide better cleaning results, especially for removing stubborn stains and grime.


Scrubber Dryer Compactness


For tight spaces or areas with obstacles, a compact and manoeuvrable scrubber dryer might be more practical. For areas with obstacles, a more flexible scrubber dryer could be the perfect solution!

Scrubber Dryer Battery Life

Battery Life

If opting for a battery-powered model, consider the battery life and charging time to ensure it meets your cleaning schedule. Some models offer easily replaceable batteries for double the cleaning!

Clenli Direct Warranty & Support

Warranty & Support

Check the warranty period and availability of customer support and service centres to ensure you're covered in case of any issues. At Clenli Direct, we offer free delivery, training, comprehensive warranties, and we have our own in-house service team for complete peace of mind!




Top Rated Scrubber Dryer Brands


Enhancing cleaning with scrubber dryer


Comac Leading the Line

Synonymous with quality, Comac are a leading provider of scrubber dryers worldwide. Robust and hardworking, Comac floor scrubbers make light work of cleaning, and come with some great features including Eco Mode, Stop & Go System, Anti-Bacterial Tanks, and much more. Through our exclusive partnership, Clenli Direct offer a range of Comac scrubber dryers to suit all needs and sizes!

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Efficient cleaning with imop scrubber dryer


The Ground Breaking i-Mop Range

The i-Mop is not just any scrubber dryer, the i-Mop is unique. Designed to fill a gap in the market, the i-Mop is a hybrid between a scrubber dryer and a mop, offering the cleaning power of a floor scrubber, with the flexibility of a mop. This makes the i-Mop the only solution for cleaning awkward, obstacle ridden spaces.

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i-Mop XL

i-Mop XL

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Comac Antea

Comac Antea

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Comac Innova 55

Comac Innova 55

Ride On Scrubber Dryer


Comac C85

Comac C85

Ride On Scrubber Dryer


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