Preventing Cross Contamination

A simple solution to improve cleaning efficiencies and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

colour coding

“Where have I put that… oh well, this one will do!”

These words are every in-house and contract cleaning supervisor’s worst nightmare.

The use of colour coded janitorial equipment in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals and food service, to name a few, is absolutely vital.

Using any old bucket and mop or cleaning cloth can create serious risks.

As such the sourcing of lost and misplaced cleaning products can become a daily occurrence that is costing you and your client’s unnecessary expense.

Recently Chemical Direct has welcomed a number of new clients within high risk industries. As part of our on-boarding process we have worked closely with each new client to identify and solve their identified risk factors and key cleaning barriers.

We then took some time to evaluate our client’s cleaning space and storage facilities.          We then reviewed their list of cleaning products and equipment to identify those that were necessary for weekly and monthly cleaning schedules.

All excess inventories were removed and a dedicated space was made for the remaining products and machinery.

We then introduced a compact, transportable cleaning solution – known as a cleaning trolley.  These trollies were then customised for each client’s specific requirement.

Below are some examples of the common requirements.


By standardizing the cleaning process and making the selection, storage, and placement of supplies a fundamental part of the service delivery system, we have increased cleaning efficiencies and created consistently high cleaning standards for our client whilst reducing the risk of cross-contamination in the workplace.