The Unknown Advantages of Backpack Hoovers & Vacuums


Backpack vacuums are portable hoovers that can be worn on your back, just like a bag. Portable backpack hoovers and vacuums are ideal for increasing productivity and efficiency. The comfortable back mounted vacuum is designed with a light weight and ergonomic harness system for operator comfort. Backpack hoovers have a number of industrial and commercial applications and can be used for cleaning both hard to reach sections and larger scale cleaning that may require added movability. Below are some other lesser known advantages to backpack vacuums.


Backpack vacuums offer unlimiting freedom compared to tub vacuums



Backpack vacuums are extremely productive compared to upright vacuums. The free movement and light weight make them extremely easy and efficient to use compared to any standard upright vacuum. Studies have shown that backpack vacuums can clean up to 5 times as space as upright vacuums in the same amount of time.


Perfect for Awkward Spaces

Never struggle with cleaning stairs again with a backpack vacuum. Dragging upright vacuums up and down stairs is not only frustrating and tiring, but it also makes your upright vacuum prone to damage. The same logic can be applied to vehicles, classrooms, restaurants, offices or any other environment where there are multiple obstacles. The backpack vacuum can breeze through these locations with ease.


Never struggle with cleaning stairs again with a backpack vacuum.



Anyone who has used a backpack vacuum will be able to tell you that they are extremely lightweight. Because they are carried on your back, they need to be lightweight in order to avoid injury to the operator. Another advantage to this is because they are lighter and more mobile, they will tire the operator far less than heavy upright vacuums. As a result, the operator will be able to clean for longer.


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Backpack vacuums are known for their mobility. When you invest in a backpack vacuum, never again will you find yourself frustratingly untangling a wired hoover out from obstacles, or unplugging and replugging into a power socket every few minutes. Backpack hoovers ensure you glide around rooms and obstacles with ease.



Any good backpack vacuum will come battery powered. As a result, you can have unlimited freedom in your cleaning, with minimal stopping time compared to any upright plug in vacuum.



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