PacVac Velo Go (Battery)

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Introducing the new PacVac Velo Go (Battery) backpack hoover vacuum. Experience unmatched cleaning freedom with the Pacvac Velo Go cordless backpack vacuum. Lightweight and powerful, it offers a 50-minute runtime and a 4-stage Hypercone™ filtration system for superior dust capture. Perfect for both commercial and residential use, this backpack hoover vacuum features a comfortable eco-harness made from recycled materials, boosting sustainability without compromising on comfort.



2.5 L

Run Time

Up to 50 Mins

Air Flow

Up to 22 L/sec

Noise Level

<69 dB

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The Pacvac Velo Go cordless backpack vacuum revolutionizes the cleaning experience with its lightweight, ergonomic design and powerful functionality. Engineered for versatility, it seamlessly transitions between commercial and residential settings, providing up to 50 minutes of runtime with its dual lithium-ion batteries.


The 4-stage Hypercone™ filtration system captures fine dust and allergens, ensuring superior air quality. The eco-friendly harness, made from recycled plastic bottles, offers enhanced comfort with thick padding. Additionally, its clear dome lid allows easy monitoring of dust levels, and adjustable straps ensure a customized fit. With features like a boost mode for tackling tough debris and a quiet operation ideal for noise-sensitive environments, the Velo Go is designed for efficiency, sustainability, and user convenience. Perfect for professional cleaners and homeowners alike, it embodies the perfect blend of innovation and practicality.




Pacvac Velo Go Features


Pacvac Velo Go Battery Backpack Hoover Vacuum Four Layers of Filtration

Four Layers of Filtration

The battery backpack vacuum ensures cleaner air with its four-stage filtration system. It effectively traps dust, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores. The disposable paper dust bag seals in contaminants, while the reusable SMS dust bag adds another filtration layer and is easy to clean. The Hypercone filter captures fine particles, and the exhaust filter completes the process, releasing only clean air back into the room.

Pacvac Velo Go Battery Backpack Hoover Vacuum Powerful Batteries & Performance

Powerful Batteries & Performance

Equipped with advanced lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology and a brushless motor, this vacuum offers durability and exceptional performance. The lithium-ion BMS technology provides up to 50 minutes of runtime for a thorough clean. It allows simultaneous charging of two batteries in just 1 hour and 45 minutes. With powerful suction, it achieves an impressive intake of 22L per second airflow.


Pacvac Velo Go Battery Backpack Hoover Vacuum Innovative Design

Innovative Design

Designed for versatility, the battery backpack vacuum is light, durable, and suitable for various environments without compromising comfort. Its compact body and breathable harness with cooling channels enhance user experience. The hose adjusts for left or right-handed use, and the adjustable waistband adds support. Convenient features include a wand holder on the backpack and an adjustable telescopic wand. The ergonomic handle is made from static-dissipating materials.

Pacvac Velo Go Battery Backpack Hoover Vacuum Boost Mode

Boost Mode

The boost mode of the battery backpack vacuum offers an impressive surge of power for tackling tough cleaning challenges. Ideal for high-traffic areas and stubborn dirt, this feature enhances suction strength, ensuring no debris is left behind. Whether it's deep-cleaning carpets or handling large debris, the boost mode provides the extra power needed for thorough cleaning. This mode extends the vacuum's versatility, making it perfect for demanding commercial and residential cleaning tasks.





What's in the Box


Reusable SMS Cone Dust Bag Velo Vacuum Bags x 5 Wand Tool Holder


Crevice Tool 32mm Dusting Brush 32mm Upholstery Tool 32mm


Aluminium Telescopic Wand 920mm All Purpose Floor Tool 285mm Screw Fit Hose (Antistatic Handpiece) 1.05m


Rechargeable lithium-ion Batteries x 2 Battery Charger Pre-Motor Cone Filter 165mm
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Specification Measurement
Pacvac Velo Go Normal Mode Boost Mode
Motor 250 W 400 W
Max. Pressure 14 kPa 18.8 kPa
Max. Suction Power 85.9 W 124.5 W
Noise Level <69 dB
Airflow 21 L/sec 22 L/sec
Power Source Batteries x 2
Run Time 50 mins 30 mins
Charge Time 1 hour 45 mins
Filtration 4 Stage Hypercone Filtration
Capacity 2.5 L
Weight 4.5 kg
Brand Pacvac
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