Pacvac Velo (Corded)

Introducing the new Pacvac Velo Corded, a powerful and versatile backpack vacuum. Perfect for both commercial and home use, Velo combines strong suction from a 900W motor with a lightweight design at just 3.9kg. Featuring the comfortable Ecoharness made from recycled materials and an H13 HEPA filter for superior air quality, Velo is the ideal solution for efficient and sustainable cleaning.



2.5 L

Power Source

Mains (Plug-In)

Air Flow

28.2 L/sec

Noise Level

65.3 dB

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Discover the new Pacvac Velo Corded, the ultimate solution for efficient backpack vacuuming. Designed to meet the needs of both professional cleaners and those seeking a professional-quality clean at home, Velo excels in versatility and performance.


Equipped with a powerful 900W motor, Velo delivers impressive suction power capable of handling large commercial cleaning tasks while remaining compact enough to maneuver into tight spaces. Weighing only 3.9kg, it stands as one of the lightest backpack vacuums available, ensuring ease of use without compromising on power.


The Velo comes standard with our Ecoharness, which features thicker padding for enhanced comfort during extended use. Proudly crafted from at least 50% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPet), the Ecoharness aligns with Pacvac's commitment to sustainability by utilizing recycled plastic water bottles.


For superior air quality, Velo is fitted with an H13 HEPA Hypercone™ filter that provides four stages of filtration. This advanced filter effectively captures 99.95% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns, ensuring a cleaner environment.


Unique to the Velo is its water-resistant on-off switch located at the base of the machine, adding durability and ease of use. Additionally, the Velo includes the All Purpose Floor Tool, making it ready for a wide range of cleaning applications right out of the box.


Experience the perfect blend of power, comfort, and sustainability with the Pacvac Velo Corded, your go-to backpack vacuum for all cleaning needs.




Pacvac Velo Features


Pacvac Velo Corded Backpack Hoover Vacuum HEPA H13 Hypercone Filter

HEPA H13 Hypercone Filter

Velo features a pre-motor H13 HEPA Hypercone filter, delivering four stages of filtration that capture 99.95% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. This advanced filtration system ensures cleaner air for a healthier environment.

Pacvac Velo Corded Backpack Hoover Vacuum Comfortable & Sustainable Harness

Comfortable & Sustainable Harness

The Velo includes a breathable eco-harness, designed with thicker padding for enhanced comfort. Made from at least 50% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPet), Pacvac proudly offers this eco-friendly harness, crafted from recycled plastic bottles, underscoring their commitment to sustainability.


Pacvac Velo Corded Backpack Hoover Vacuum Long & Bright Power Cable

Long & Bright Power Cable

While most vacuums feature a standard 15-meter cable, the Pacvac Velo comes with an extended 18-meter cable. This longer length allows for uninterrupted cleaning without frequent power point changes. Additionally, the brightly colored cable enhances visibility, reducing the risk of tripping hazards.

Pacvac Velo Corded Backpack Hoover Vacuum Powerful Performing Vacuum

Powerful Performing Vacuum

Equipped with a 900 W motor, 28.2 L/sec airflow, and a 2.5-liter capacity, the Pacvac Velo delivers exceptional performance. It also includes a comprehensive set of tools, making it a versatile choice for tackling any cleaning task with ease.





What's in the Box


Reusable SMS Cone Dust Bag Velo Vacuum Bags x 5 Wand Tool Holder


Crevice Tool 32mm Dusting Brush 32mm Upholstery Tool 32mm


Aluminium Telescopic Wand 920mm All Purpose Floor Tool 285mm Screw Fit Hose (Antistatic Handpiece) 1.05m
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Specification Measurement
Vacuum Motor 900 W
Max. Pressure 18.6 kPa
Max. Suction Power 192 W
Noise Level 65.3 dB
Max. Airflow 28.2 L/sec
Power Source Mains (Plug In)
Cord Length 18 Metres
Filtration 4 Stage HEPA H13 Filter
Capacity 2.5 L
Weight 3.9 kg
Brand Pacvac
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