Meet the First Commercial Robotic Vacuum


The Cobotic 1700 is the most innovative robotic vacuum to date. Unlike popular domestic brands like the Roomba, the Cobotic 1700 is designed and created for commercial use, and it can help you automate your cleaning and save valuable time. The Cobotic 1700 also comes as standard with a commercial warranty! Here is a list of reasons why you should consider the Cobotic 1700 if you are on the lookout for a commercial robotic vacuum.


Cobotic 1700 - Cleans at a Large Scale - Robotic Vacuum

Longer Battery Time

Compared to leading competitors, the Cobotic 1700 has a much longer run time of 270 minutes, or 4.5 hours. This amazing battery life means that the Cobotic 1700 can clean for longer and is more suited for larger spaces. With a speed of 0.3m/s, the Cobotic 1700 can vacuum over 4,850m² before needing to be charged!


Cobotic 1700 - Self Charging and Emptying - Robotic Vacuum

Self-Charging & Self-Emptying

Combined with the Cobotic 1700 Docking Station, this innovative robotic vacuum can charge itself as needs be. Further to this, with the Docking Station, the Cobotic 1700 can also empty its dustbin into the docking station. This makes the Cobotic 1700 completely automatic, meaning you can get on with your day without having to worry about set up, charging or emptying!


Cobotic 1700 - Short Charge Times - Robotic Vacuum

Shorter Charging Time

Unlike other leading brands, the Cobotic 1700 charges quicker than its battery runtime. This means that you’ll get more cleaning time from the Cobotic 1700 than from other leading brands. If you need your Cobotic 1700 to run for longer, consider purchasing a second battery. This will allow your commercial robotic vacuum to clean non-stop!


Cobotic 1700 - Convenient App - Robotic Vacuum

Convenient App

By linking your Cobotic 1700 with the i-team app, you can schedule cleaning times, set up cleaning maps, divide up rooms, and keep an eye on detailed statistics about your robotic vacuum. This allows your cleaning to be even more automated!


If you’re interested in the Cobotic 1700, check out the product page to learn more, or to order yours today!