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Introducing the Cobotic 1700, the first commercial robotic vacuum to the market with a commercial warranty. The Cobotic 1700 is the ultimate commercial self cleaning robotic vacuum. The Cobotic 1700 comes with a large battery life, short charging time, strong suction power, conveniently sized for ease of transport. The Cobotic 1700 is fast and efficient, as well as being extremely intelligent. A cleaning route can be manually mapped, or you can simply let it find its own cleaning route. Perfect for work spaces, hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops and many more environments.



400 ml

Run Time

270 Mins


0.3 m/sec

Noise Level

Up to 73 dB

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€836.40 €680.00

The First Commercial Robotic Vacuum with a Commercial Warranty


The Cobotic 1700 is the ultimate commercial robotic vacuum. Although small in size, the Cobotic 1700 packs a punch with a 270 minute run time, and a suction power capability of up to 2700Pa. Not only small and powerful, the Cobotic 1700 is also extremely innovative. It can be programmed to vacuum spaces as precise and efficiently as possible by either mapping a path for your robotic vacuum, or by allowing the automated vacuum to map a route for itself. Combined with the i-team professional app, you can set cleaning routes for your Cobotic 1700, and gather data on its performance to help you optimise your cleaning.


The Cobotic 1700 can also be set to three different modes to help you get the most out of your robotic vacuum. An additional docking station charging kit can be purchased which allows the Cobotic 1700 to self charge when needs be. Want to own a fleet of Cobotic 1700s? We also have a multi-charger available to keep your robotic vacuums conveniently stored and charged.


The Cobotic 1700 is perfect for cleaning offices, hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops, the workplace and much much more.

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The Cobotic 1700 has a battery life of up to 270 minutes. Need it to work for longer? Consider adding an extra battery to your inventory, you can alternate the batteries and keep cleaning around the clock. It can even be used in dark areas overnight.

Cobotic 1700 Benefit - Faster - Commercial Automated Robotic Vacuum
Cobotic 1700 Benefit - Cleaner - Commercial Automated Robotic Vacuum






The Cobotic 1700 can be integrated with the i-team professional app, which will allow the user to give specific cleaning instructions. Alternatively, the co-botic 1700 can program itself to perform the most efficient cleaning job.






The Cobotic 1700 is designed to clean efficiently and precisely. While the Cobotic 1700 only uses 50W in one hour, several alternatives would use 1000W in the same amount of time. Every bit of energy is used to clean - none of it is wasted.

Cobotic 1700 Benefit - Greener - Commercial Automated Robotic Vacuum
Cobotic 1700 Benefit - Safer - Commercial Automated Robotic Vacuum






As the Cobotic 1700 is battery powered, there are no cables involved. This significantly reduces the risk of falling hazards. You can also set up virtual boundaries in the app to make sure the Cobotic 1700 stays in designated areas.






By using robotic cleaning along with the trained human eye, you can get most out of your cleaning. The operator and the robotic vacuum combined create the perfect team as they can simultaneously execute repetitive and detailed cleaning tasks.

Cobotic 1700 Benefit - Better - Commercial Automated Robotic Vacuum


Specifications Cobotic 1700
Power Rate 50W
Voltage 14.4V
Suction Power 2700Pa/1600Pa (Power) 1200Pa (Standard) 600Pa (Quite)
Battery Life 270 mins
Charge Time 240 mins
Sound Level 73dB / 67dB / 65dB
Speed 0.3m/s
Obstacle Crossing Ability 20mm
Maximum Slope 15°
Dust Bin Volume 400ml
Clean Area Quiet 160m² / Standard 120m² / Power 100m²
Clean Efficiency 80%
RPM Main Brush 1,300 RPM
RPM Side Brush (Clean) 230 ± 15% r/min
RPM Side Brush (Recharging) 120 ± 15% r/min
Battery 16.8V / 5200 mAh
Dimensions 350mm x 350mm x 98mm
Warranty 12 Months


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