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According to recent findings UNGER, 2016 professional window cleaners face two key challenges when cleaning indoor windows: that is safety and efficiency. To date, the use of indoor window cleaning tools had led to the time-consuming task of re-arranging furniture to reach high or abnormally placed windows.

Available indoor window cleaning tools more often lead to wasted time and the use of ladders which can be quite risky in confined, cluttered and public spaces which leads to further expenditure of staff training…

With these issues at the forefront of innovation UNGER have introduced the revolutionary UNGER Stingray, as the most efficient indoor cleaning tool ever.

The Stingray allows you to apply and clean in one simple step making it up to 25% faster and up to 39% more efficient using less chemical than traditional window cleaning methods.

More Flexible

Flexible swivel head and the triangular pad make it easy to clean behind every day difficult to clean places such as door handles. Liquid activators located both at top of stingray system and within extended poles make for a simple and flexible cleaning solution. Now skylights can be easily reached and cleaned without the use of a ladder or heist.

Incredibly Easy To Use

Apply and clean in one easy step.

The UNGER Stingray window cleaning system is made from extremely light aluminum making it incredibly easy to use and transport. Approximate weight is 1.8lb. One Stingray Glass Cleaner Pouch will clean up to 160 2×4 windows.

Ergonomic & Safe

UNGER Stingray Liquid- prefilled pouches, mean no more sprays and aerosols. The latest window cleaning liquid is cleverly dispensed through the center of the stingray tool through a pad enclosed spray nozzle this means no drips, runs or mess during use.

It also ensures maximum and even coverage when cleaning and prevents accidental inhalation of cleaning liquid.

Moreover the improved “ Perfect Grip” a system with 3D joint means that you now have perfect control with minimal training.

The UNGER Stingray was inspired by the power and gliding capabilities of its namesake.

It utilizes several patent-pending features to overcome the identified challenges of indoor cleaning to deliver outstanding results. Its modular poling system ensures that the cleaner can easily overcome tough to reach spaces, corners, and edges. Its ideal head design ensures minimum amounts of cleaning solution offer maximum coverage. The Stingray’s unique triangular shape that maximizes area coverage whilst cleaning edges and corners the UNGER Stingray is the only  the solution to all your indoor window cleaning needs.

The UNGER Stingray is coming soon to Chemical Direct Janitorial Supplies, for more information about this product or to backorder yours today please contact us and a member of the team will be in touch.