How Clean is Your Business?

Cleanliness is an essential part of running a successful business, where first impressions can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

It will come as no surprise that businesses with high volumes of traffic and off street entrances require significantly more cleaning time.

For those of you working in such sectors as: retail, catering, day-care or education; you will be no stranger to the constant challenge of keeping your or your client’s business clean and tidy.

However in order to run a successful business that will create a great first impression and a positive customer experience, it is crucial that the high standards of cleaning and hygiene expected by the customer or client are maintained.

Over the past decade much research has been conducted and found that cleanliness is a top consideration among the public and a key influence in the decision making process, for example:

– 91% shoppers will select a store on the basis of appearance, (Progressive Grocer).

– Cleanliness is the top ranking consideration of customers ordering from a fast food restaurant, (Restaurants & Institution).

– Cleanliness is a top requirement for parents when choosing a childcare facility, (Naccrra).

– Campus appearance, particularly: entrances, bathrooms and the surrounding grounds have a significant impact on a student’s college selection, (Cleaning & Maintenance Management).

Furthermore research by CDI Research suggests that 42% of customers or clients will look firstly at your floors when judging cleanliness. As such it will come as no surprise that commercial floor cleaning is one of the most in demand cleaning services and that many companies spend a small fortune each year on skilled cleaning personnel.


However, hiring in a full time cleaner or even a part-time cleaning company to maintain your business presence is not something that is feasible for all.

In such circumstances it is of utmost importance that you invest in industrial quality cleaning equipment that will allow you can maintain an efficient cleaning process and high cleaning standards.

At a minimum you should implement a daily and weekly cleaning regime and ensure that the right equipment and products are available to you to execute these processes.

Floors should be a top priority;

Heavy-duty mats should be placed at all public entrances to reduce dirt being carried through your premises.

In buildings that contain lots of floor space, carpet or corporate mats it is important to use a wet and dry vacuum at the beginning or end of each day to remove any dirt, residue or staining caused by poor weather conditions or spillages.

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