ProChem Fresh Breeze


Cleaning Solutions Specialist ProChem Europe has launched an advanced odour neutraliser.

This new technology neutraliser can be used for carpets, fabrics and professional restoration.

New technology new B230 Fresh Breeze Odour Neutraliser has been developed specifically for carpets, fabrics and professional restoration cleaning with healthcare environment in mind.

Fresh Breeze Order Neutraliser may be used similarly to Prochem’s Odour Fresh product: as an addition to your cleaning solutions or as a spray when diluted with water.

Fresh Breeze Odour Neutraliser is a powerful, safe and pleasantly perfumed odour neutraliser, yet there is much more to this product than a fresh fragrance. It is biocide free; it is a safe odour absorber and made with an environmentally friendly formula that chemically alters volatile odours, making them undetectable. Fresh Breeze neutralises ammonia, mercaptans, amines and other unwanted odours.

Product Description & Directions for Use:

  • Formulated for use on carpet, fabric and most surfaces.

For professional and industrial use only:

  • Be sure to always test a small out of sight area before proceeding.

Cleaning solution application:

  • Routine application: Mix 5 to 10ml per litre of water. Apply directly onto odour source and allow dwell time for effective deodorisation.
  • For truck-mount extractors add up to 1 litre per 20 litres of detergent pre-mix concentrate.
  • Fire & Flood Restoration: Mix 10 to 20ml per litre of water depending on severity of odour.