MelaminPlusPads Patent Approved

With Chemical Direct’s all new MelaminPlusPads, patented and well-established in the market place, cleaning mineral floor coverings, porcelain stoneware tiles, artificial, structured and natural stone has never been so easy.


By using MelaminPlusPads regularly during daily cleaning procedures floor coverings can be cleaned with minimal time, effort and chemical use. Moreover the use of MelaminPlusPads means the requirement for expensive and intensive deep cleaning schedules will be significantly reduced. While pure melamine is known to tear easily, the MelaminPlusPads available at Chemical Direct are made from copyright-protected, refined melamine foam, specially formulated and tear-proof, working up to 10 machine hours in their lifetime. The average range of a the MelaminPlusPad is approximately 10,000 sqm. Then, either a new MelaminPlusPad should be fitted, or a daily cleaning pad.



In order to achieve maximum cleaning results, it is recommended that MelaminePlusPads are used in conjunction with a non-foaming floor cleaner. Melamax is an excellent restorative, cleaning product that has been created to remove years of build-up and bring hard flooring back to its original condition. It is non-foaming product that works in conjunction with MelaminePlusPads to achieve optimal results without residues.

Melamax can be used at 1%-2% for daily maintenance or at up to 5% when conducting an initial deep clean. This will remove soiling and detergent residue whilst rejuvenating the tile to its original condition. The use of Melamax will also allow for easy rinsing of the MelaminePlusPads after use, thus prolonging the life of the floor pad and reducing cleaning costs.P1000820

Perfect for all machines:

MelaminPlusPads are available in the appropriate sizes to suit all standard scrubber-driers and rotary scrubbing machines.

Available Sizes