The Comac Ultra  is The Ideal Cleaning Machine for Medium & Large Area Cleaning

The Comac Ultra Scrubber Dryer is a machine of real quality. Like all Comac machines, the Ultra provides outstanding results time and time again. Comac machines are known for their reliability and unwavering quality and the Ultra is no exception. The ride on machine is suitable for a variety of areas so the user can be sure wherever they use the machine, fantastic results will follow.



The Ultra can remove heavy dirt with ease thanks to its powerful output and clever design. The Ultra comes in both the 85 and 100 BS versions. While there are some differences, there are clever features that are found in both models. It is fitted with a device to slow the machine when going around corners, an acoustic alarm when reversing and a clever feature to stop the flow of water when traction has stopped.

The scrubbing head is fitted with two counter-rotating brushes and can move sideways ensuring a thorough clean right up to the edge of walls. It is these clever design features that really set apart the Comac Ultra from the competition and ensure you get brilliant results every time.



The Comac Ultra is simple to operate and has a very straightforward set of controls. This means you do not have to spend as much time training staff as usual with other machines. It takes no time at all to get familiar with the cleverly designed operating interface. As well as the previously mentioned clever features, the Ultra is also fitted with a suction motor that is inside a double wall tank of polythene, this greatly reduces the noisiness of the machine. This means you can work in a non-disruptive manner and gives you the opportunity to work at times you may not have been able to beforehand.

The Comac Ultra is suitable for medium and large sized areas such as industrial and service areas, as well as warehouses. Areas of up to 5,000 sq. m can be tackled with the Ultra in no time. This scrubber dryer’s high performance ensures that it is the best option for medium and large areas.

Comac Ultra – Ride-On Scrubber Dryer