Out of This World: The Prochem Comet Carpet Cleaning Machine

Meet the prochem comet carpet cleaning machine. Prochem is known for its exceptional quality high-performance machines that deliver results that are of a professional standard. The comet is certainly no exception to this rule as it is yet another example of the clever engineering and design that is synonymous with prochem. Though this machine is small and compact, the results it provides are exceptional! 



The comet is an upright carpet cleaning machine that is small and compact, which is advantageous as it is easy to transport and does not take up much space. The machine can comfortably be transported in a car, so you can bring this clever cleaning solution with you wherever you go. Weighing in at 18kg the comet is robust and sturdy, yet easy to maneuver making it an ideal solution to many carpet cleaning scenarios. As well as the overall compact size of the machine, the addition of a fold-down handle makes it even easier to store neatly when not in use. The comet is suitable for use on virtually all types of carpets, thanks to its compact nature and clever design it can even reach and clean carpet right up to the skirting boards or edges. 


High-Performance Cleaning

Although the prochem comet may be small in size, its cleaning capabilities are not. The comet can remove even the toughest ingrained stains in carpet thanks to the powerful brush fitted on the machine. The comet has a strong two-stage bypass vacuum motor that removes the dirt that is released by the brush system. The machine is fitted with a solution and recovery tank that each have a capacity of 11.3 liters. Another smart feature from this prochem machine is the clear dome on top of the machine so you can see when the water is building up and needs to be changed. 

The prochem comet truly is a machine that is out of this world. It is straightforward to operate and highly reliable. This paired with the high-performance output it offers as well as the clever design make it a great choice for your carpet cleaning needs.