The Santoemma Serena Silent Carpet Cleaning Machine is Perfect for the Hospitality Industry

For hoteliers and restaurateurs, a good carpet cleaning machine is an essential part of their cleaning equipment. Maintaining clean and presentable carpets is vital in the hospitality industry, which is why it is so important that you find a reliable and powerful carpet cleaning machine. A cleaning machine like this will be used regularly so you need to be sure that it is dependable and not prone to breakdowns.

Carpets in hotels and restaurants are often the first pieces of furniture to show signs of wear and tear. A regular and practical carpet cleaning routine will not only make your carpet look better but will actually make it last longer too. The Santoemma Serena Silent carpet machine is the perfect choice for environments like hotels and restaurants, its quiet running and short drying time means it is ideal in noise sensitive and busy places and can be used during business hours if needed. It is totally undisruptive meaning that your guests will not be bothered by it.

The Santoemma Serena Silent carpet cleaning machine is also extremely powerful and delivers excellent cleaning results and effectively removes difficult stains. Its high-water lift technology allows incomparable dirt removal and a very short drying time of only one hour. It is also an extremely adaptable carpet cleaning machine with many detachable spray nozzles and vacuum heads. The Santoemma Serena Silent also allows you to reach awkward and hard to reach places, allowing you to effectively clean edges and corners.

One of the vacuum heads can even be used to powerfully dry vacuum the carpet before beginning the intensive carpet cleaning. This multipurpose approach saves time for the user and means a more efficient cleaning schedule.  This is a carpet cleaning machine designed with the end user in mind, its adaptability means that you can adjust to your specific needs to ensure a more comfortable and effective clean.

The Santoemma Serena Silent carpet machine really is an ideal solution for the hospitality industry and will keep your carpets looking fresh and new every day.


Carpet Cleaning Machine from Santoemma