Five Qualities to Look for in Your Scrubber Dryer

When it comes to purchasing a scrubber dryer, it can be tough knowing where to start and you want a machine that can be relied on for years to come. A scrubber dryer is a significant investment and you want to be sure that you are spending your money wisely. Here are 5 qualities to look out for that will ensure you’re onto a winner.


The very nature of a scrubber dryer means that they should drive increases in productivity. They are designed to clean large commercial areas in short spaces of time. There are many aspects that influence a machine’s productivity, including battery life, water usage and recharge time.



Each commercial and industrial environment is different, so make sure that the scrubber dryer you choose is suitable for the environment it is required in. A large, noisy ride-on scrubber dryer would be unsuitable for a busy supermarket, likewise, a walk-behind will not be of much use in a vast expansive warehouse. Make sure you choose a machine that will work for you, not against you.



A scrubber dryer is an expensive piece of equipment, which is even more reason why you should invest in a brand that is respected in the industry and has a good reputation. You want a reliable and robust machine, not one that breaks down regularly and costs you money in repairs and downtime.


There are many scrubber dryers on the market, but the best ones all have one thing in common- their simplicity. A machine that is user-friendly is more efficient and enjoyable to use. Another bonus of a straightforward machine is that very little staff training will be required to operate it.


It goes without saying that if you have spent money on a scrubber dryer you will expect excellent cleaning results. A great scrubber dryer will deliver excellent cleaning results time after time, ensuring a thorough and even finish on your floors’ surface.


Don’t compromise on your cleaning outcomes and look out for a scrubber dryer that incorporates all of these qualities.