In order to offer your clients a high quality service it is important to invest in good quality window cleaning equipment.  You will always find the basic tools in janitorial supplies stores. More specialist products tend to be available on request, via back order.

Below is a list of the essential tools required for outdoor window cleaning:

1. A Bucket. It is highly recommended that your chosen bucket is both wide and deep to ensure ease of access for washer tool. The below 28 litre rectangle bucket is a perfect example:


Bucket 28L


2. A Squeegee – There is a vast range of squeegees available in the marketplace today. Similarly there is a huge range in the quality of squeegees available. As one of the most important tools for window cleaners it is advised that you select a high quality squeegee like those made by Unger. These squeegees tend to come assembled In three pieces: handle, channel and rubber.  The rubber can be turned over when it gets old, and then replaced when both sides have worn out. Rubbers are available in sizes from 4 – 24 inches; the most popular sizes are between14 and 18 inches.

Please note that the standard squeegees found in your local garage are not sufficient and could prove to be more trouble than they are worth – avoid at all costs.

ErgoTec® Squeegee handle

ErgoTec® Squeegee handle


3. A Mop – Also referred to as a ‘Washer’ or ‘Wand’.

These come in two parts: the T-Bar and the Sleeve. The sleeve is a detachable from the T-Bar and may be washed or replaced once dirtied. Sleeve can also be changed pending on the task at hand. For example a sleeve with little plastic bits, named the porcupine is often used to heavy marks, tough dirt or grime. Scoured and water retention sleeves are also popular.

Mop Handles come with the option of fixed or swivel head. Although this is a personal preference the swivel is by far the more popular of the two as it is easier on the wrist and easier to use with a pole system

Strip Washer® Monsoon StripPac

Strip Washer® Monsoon Strip Pac


4. A Scraper – scrapers are used to remove difficult marks from windows including paint, varnish, insects and bugs. For small areas a one inch scrapper is sufficient however they are available up to six inch for larger areas. Most scrappers come with the option of blade replacement.  Below is an example of both a small and large scraper.

Safety Scraper

Safety Scraper

ErgoTec ® Glass Scraper

ErgoTec ® Glass Scraper

5.Window Cleaning Detergent – It’s no secret that many widow cleaners love to use ‘Palmolive’ as a window cleaning detergent: and although this can do a great job nothing beats the original window cleaning liquid from Unger. Unger Liquid is an excellent window cleaning detergent that allows the squeegee rubber to easily pass over the window without leaving residue or water marks.

UnGer's liquid

UnGer liquid

Other suggestions:

Rags – Old clothing or towels which the lint and fluff have worn off. If you are not sure these will always be available at your local janitorial products suppliers. You may also require a couple of scrims and some microfiber cloths


Poles – It is best to carry a 2 section pole. Although you could clean up to 3 stories wit a 4 section pole – it is very difficult to do a good job with a poling system at that height.

OptiLoc™ 2 sections


Tool Belt – This supports a side bucket and is a good place to easily access your scrapper and rags.

ErgoTec® Belt

Bucket-on-a-Belt –  a small bucket hangs on one leg off  the belt around the waist. This is an excellent accessory for great easily storage of your mop and squeegee.

Ergotec® Ninja Bucket on a Belt

All products available from ChemicalDirect.