The Dulevo Street Sweeper 2000 is the perfect solution for cleaning within congested areas with many restricted access areas such as pathways, parking areas and cycle zones. This extraordinary machine is both compact and manoeuvrable whilst maintaining cleaning speed.


Its modern design means that this machine is ready to go to work in any environment: created with huge scale pneumatics, a unique suspension system and a raised driver chamber the Dulevo 2000 can overcome sweeping tasks that would previously have proved to be a challenge. Moreover this clever machine has been created to have little impact on the environment with reduced water usage and improved noise control. Its 4 cylinder VM engine installed in the machine respects the latest EU emission regulations.




Safety First:

Though the Dulevo 2000 is designed to be a fast paced sweeping machine, it is evident that safety is at the forefront of its creation. The Dulevo 2000 has a seamless distribution of weights to ensure complete machine balance in any situation. This is coupled with a high performance breaking system and state of the art disposition of cooling radiators due to the location of the central motor.


The Dulevo 2000 is designed on a solid chassis endowed with parabolic leaf springs with both rear and front shock-absorbers, and a hyper-sprung cabin.


The Dulevo 2000 is a strong sweep machine, with a high-resistance tubular steel chassis: complete with safety belts, very wide electronically-activated rear-view mirrors and rear parking sensors. The fundamental idea behind this machine is operator comfort with a high level safety, The utmost attention has been given to even the smallest details to ensure machine operation is extremely easy, intuitive and above-all soundless.



Soundless Sweeping:

While very powerful the Dulevo Street Sweeper is completely soundless: This means the machine can operate at any time, day or night without disturbing its surroundings.




Working performance

The Dulevo 2000 can achieve maximum productivity because of the adjustable working width of the side mounted front brushes. With a patented suction mouth and the powerful suction turbine it can easily collect challenging material such as grit, sand and bulky debris.


A large water capacity ensures a long operating autonomy and reduces refilling stops.


The performance can be increased further with the optional water recycling system.



Technical Data 2000 SKY

  • Sweeping width variable 1750 – 3100 mm
  • Sweeping width with third brush 3400 mm
  • Brushes diameter 800 mm
  • Cleaning performance 28000 m2/ h
  • Maximum speed 40 km/h
  • Waste hopper capacity 2000 Lt
  • Dumping height 1600 mm
  • Water tank capacity 470 lt
  • Seats in the cabin n° 2
  • Motor Make VM
  • Length 4640 mm
  • Width 1350 mm
  • Height 1190 mm
  • Weight 3750 kg


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